Saturday, December 13, 2008

Arena Rocks

I never worked closely with Kelli Arena -- CNN's justice correspondent who, it was announced yesterday, will be the latest valuable veteran to leave the network. But her work -- her professionalism, experience, contacts and ability to break important stories -- speaks for itself. More than that, my friends in the CNN DC bureau rave about what a joy Kelli is to work alongside.

Case in point: what Jacki Schechner has to say about her, and what her leaving means for CNN -- and you.

Where Was I?: In a League of Her Own/12.13.08


Anonymous said...

This just in: CNN is officially changing its name to CN. Budget constraints have forced the network to let go of the middle N. You know. The one that stood for "News."

Anonymous said...

And she's hot to boot!

Anonymous said...

CNN has to get rid of all these people for what? So they can have more damn parties, so Klein can eat more damn food and get even fatter than he has during his time at CNN? How much did renting the Kodak theatre cost? How much did it cost for all the travel for PIP? How many lunches and dinners has Klein had on CNN's dime? I hope he fucking chokes on it.

They need to give up shit like Heroes, PIP and 27 million dollars promoting ONE FREAKING PERSON, that continually does NOT produce any ratings in return.

Now watch for their secret retreat for the top management in January so that Klein can have a vacation using the money he 'saved' the past few weeks.

Someone needs to get a PI watching Klein and the money.

Anonymous said...

Klein said a couple of years ago when the did that trip to Atlantis that they has "exceeded" the budget and that was their reward, but exceeding a budget means you spent more than you made, which in real business would be a bad thing. Doesn't seem fair when management gets a reward for doing a bad job, does it? He must have really screwed up something to have to let so many go so quickly before the year end.

Anonymous said...

Looks like our beloved CNNFan is finding it necessary to defend his God Jon Klein over at Jacki's. Disgusting.

Chez said...

Oh, he's completely insane. I mean honestly crazy.

He continues to send me e-mails which I've basically filtered so that they immediately go into the trash. He's also tried commenting here again, in spite of my letting him know in no uncertain terms that I won't publish them.

I mentioned to Jacki that she should probably enable comment moderation otherwise he'll never leave her alone.

Still, personally I love knowing that Jon Klein's one and only champion is someone who's thoroughly off his rocker.