Friday, November 21, 2008

What's Up, Doctored?

Whenever I feeling like laughing until my sides hurt, I watch these: two drop-dead hysterical videos created right about the time that Warner Brothers was toying around with the idea of "reimagining" the Looney Toons characters.


Mr. Controversy said...

I almost forgot about these...classic!

idiosynchronic said...

Oh soooooo NSFW or NSFChildren Running Around the House.

Warn us next time, Chez.

SeventhCycle said...

FAIL. Come on Chez, you should have linked to the original uncensored one :)

Here's a link to the original uncensored one.

Chez said...

Fail my ass. I actually think the censored one is funnier, since it's barely censored anyway.

It was a conscious decision.

Vermillion said...

Why did you remind me of that horrible travesty?

By the way, I love how in the first video where Bugs calls the kid a faggot, the caption says "c*cksucking CIGARETTE".

I am too easy.

SeventhCycle said...

Ah well. I counted 83 beeps.

I really wonder if some place like Adult Swim could get away with airing the censored version at 3am.

Alex said...

Man, that was extreme.