Monday, November 24, 2008

Watch This

Proving once again that any movie montage can be enhanced in indescribable ways by adding a Muse song, here's the mind-blowing new trailer for Watchmen.


Hecubus said...

Looks great, but im gonna have to be the comic geek and be skeptical and say thats its really difficult to translate alan moore's writing to film. he writes specifically for comics and you're gonna lose so much of what makes his writing special when you put it on the big screen.

you ever read watchmen, chez?

Blade said...

I hate Billy Corgan, but the Smashing Pumpkins song from the first trailer fit it WAY better than Muse.
I love Muse, though.

Michael said...

I have read the comic, I am slightly worried that something will be lost in this version, yet at the same time I am so excited to see so much attention to detail to this amazing story.

votar said...

Interesting song, I guess.

This Movie? eh.

You can polish a turd only so much before you are left with just a big squishy pile of polished turd bits.

jrm78 said...

I love Muse and only recently was turned on to them (last May or so). I'm still trying to figure out how I was able to miss them for the first 8 years of their existence, and why the hell do they still get no radio love? Plug-in Baby? Hysteria? And those two barely scratch the surface of their radio-worthy songs. Is there anyone with functioning ears working in radio programming anymore, or are they only found on sat radio? (which I don't have, unfortunately)

Great band which has been kept hidden from the US listening audience for no good reason.

And for whatever reason, whenever I'm listening to them, I get the feeling like I'm playing a video game. Maybe it's just me.

M said...

Sounded very Phillip Glass, to me. Good trailer - I sincerely hope this movie is awesome. Just on potential alone, it's one of the best movies evah.

Deacon Blue said...

Votar, is it your feeling that the original graphic novel was the turd, or that the movie looks like turd based on what you've seen thus far?

Just curious, because if you don't like the graphic novel, nothing wrong with that.

But I've given up trying to judge movies for good or ill based on trailers, and not sure why anyone else bothers to use them as any kind of measuring stick anymore. They just don't serve as any kind of reliable barometer. In fact, they're worse for predicting movie goodness than a meteorologist's set of tools is for predicting whether or not it really WILL rain tomorrow, IMO.

Captain Babypants said...

Can. Not. Wait.

Jonah said...

I got to agree with Hecubus here...I remember who geeked up everyone was getting for "V" and that was a huge letdown. Although, From Hell was enjoyable, so who knows.

They should try making Lost Girls into a movie, that would be interesting.

Mike B said...

eh... the Muse stuff was OK. Personally, I liked the Glass music (yes M, that was Philip's music from Koyannisqatsi... also a "must see" film) much better.

I have been looking forward to seeing this movie ever since I heard the rumours about a year ago. I read the novel when I was in high school and was sucked in... never very big on comix, but this was a very different animal.

Schwa Love said...

The trailers for "Watchmen" have reduced me to a drooling fanboy in such a way that I thought was out of my system. But I can't help it, every time I see one of the trailers, I get chills. I don't think I have ever been this excited for a comic book related movie... certainly not a superhero one. It just looks so damned dead-on accurate. Not to say that other comic book movies haven't been as close to the source material either, but they just weren't for stories I was as excited about. The various volumes of Sin City were nice little reads and all, but not something I would reread time and again like Watchmen. Am I setting myself up for disappointment? Perhaps. V for Vendetta's "Yes... we are all individuals" tack-on scenes come to mind. I doubt I'll have as much problems with this though, since the filmmakers fought to have it set in 1985 still with Nixon as president (though they're tacking on some sort of energy crisis issue, but as long as it doesn't change the core story or themes, I don't care). The only grumblings I hear about this film are from Alan Moore, iconoclast that he is.

Mark said...

Deacon Blue,

I agree with you that movie trailers really can't gauge how watchable the thing is. However, I tend to think that if the trailer only shows action sequences and they seem to be from the same scene, it's going to be a crap-fest until the end of the movie and then the action will go by as quickly as the trailer. You need the mood enhancing snapshots from the entire film to get any type of reading on the picture itself.

votar said...

I don't read comics. Honestly I have no idea what Watchmen is; never crossed my path until now. I don't take issue with comic book movies -- there have been some really entertaining (and surprisingly cerebral) ones of late -- this one just seems...hmmm...

Setting aside the Insane Clown Posse guy who suspiciously grumbles his cliche dialog exactly like Christian Bale's Batman, setting aside the DareDevil lookalike, setting aside Mr. Blue Man Group, setting aside... no, actually, maybe that's it. The trailer suggests the movie doesn't seem to permit one to set aside any of its over-the-top, derivative ingredients. It will beat you into a stupor with them.

This movie looks like the cinematic equivalent of a KMFDM concert. "Fuck it, let's throw EVERYTHING at the audience."

Vermillion said...

I don't read comics. Honestly I have no idea what Watchmen is; never crossed my path until now.


Sorry, Votar. I am usually the last person to pull such an antic. But after that sentence, it was pretty much nonsense. I totally understand why you may not be intrigued by the trailer; it does take an understanding of the backstory to get the scenes shown.

And trust me, if you read it, nothing about it would seem derivative.

Unfortunately it seems the only people looking forward to the movie (positively or negatively) are the ones who have read the book.

Deacon Blue said...

Yeah, with Votar not having read it, I can see his thought process on this, so I suppose I can't blame him.

Vermillion's right, though...none of the story (at least in the original graphic novel) was derivative. It actually managed to intellectually lampoon the motives and mentality of superheroes and put them in a context that was actually "realistic" and relevent to our modern times.

Here's hoping that comes through in the movie.