Thursday, November 13, 2008

Speaking Enragement

You know, I asked this just before the election -- and now that it's actually over and Sarah Palin got her uneducated ass kicked -- I'll ask again:

Would someone please, please, please shut this daffy bitch up?

Nobody gives a damn what you think anymore, stupid.

The Huffington Post: Palin Continues Attacking Obama/11.13.08


Aaron X said...


Since losing the election, and all their hopes for destroying the Constitution and handing this country over to those who would do away with the Republic and turn this country into The New Republican Empire, CNN has now decided to highlight Sarah Palin every day all day long in the hopes of keeping the psychopathic sore loser ultraconservatives watching their channel, since no one else is watching any longer. I assume they will maintain this tactic through the congressional election of 2010, and then right through to 2012, ignoring the new president and the new Congress altogether, since they don't represent REAL AMERICANS. Anyone watching the networks today would think that Palin won the election.

Simply put, CNN is a rat fuck right wing propaganda network, where network executives make editorial decisions every moment of every day, and the producers and editors are only there to carry out the edicts which come down from on high. Perhaps Chez will dispute that assertion, but I call em the way I see em.

CNN corporate ownership apparently thinks that it's perfectly okay to ram this creep in her propaganda down the throats of the American people, that racism, prejudice, bigotry and ignorance are all mainstream ideals the need to be preserved in this country, or at the very least by doing so they can preserve their ratings and keep those advertising dollars rolling in, and inflate those executive compensation packages and year-end bonuses to gargantuan proportions, so that those receiving them will come to believe that they have so much money that it doesn't matter what happens to this country. They've got enough financial insulation to protect them from anything. You better think again gentleman, lest you find you and yourselves reliving 1789 all over again.

CNN has become a cesspool, a feeding trough for everything that is low and base in America, and their undying support and continuing attempts to prop up this idiot moron Palin as a genuine leader, is proof positive of the true nature and character of the people who run the network.

Fuck Sarah Palin and Fuck CNN, and while I'm at it fuck Joe Lieberman, and Fuck Evan Bayh, for the traitorous rat fuck's that they are.

Felis Femina said...

As much as I would love to see her shut her pie hole and go away, I also love watching her dig her own grave now that she's no longer being kept under lock and key by the GOP.

Keep chatting up the media, Gov. Dumbass Palin, and kiss your 2012 dreams goodbye.

pknaack1 said...

You can't kill her yet, she's not yet done destroying the republican party!

A lot of people think the republican party hit its lowest point when they lost the election. Personally I think they haven't hit rock bottom yet. Not enough of the party has been willing to admit that the party has a problem.

I think this is going to take several months if not a few years to play out fully. And Palin is just a wedge driving its way in between the two halves.