Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mourning Commute

Because naming a bridge after Ted Kennedy would've been tasteless.

International Herald Tribune: New York's Triborough Bridge Renamed for Robert Kennedy/11.19.08


Tony said...

Yes, quite tasteless. Come to think of it, the very fact that Mary Jo Kopechne ever existed is pretty distasteful. Perhaps now that her parents are dead we should just pave over their graves and have done with it.

When I hear outrage about the relative of some foreign despot getting away with murder, I think about this and other episodes in our own history and consider how fragile the rule of law can be in any society that refuses to defend it.

Zeth said...


Ref said...

Um, yeah, Ted clearly committed murder there, letting an intern attempt to drive him home because he was too drunk, and then being unable to save her when the car went into the drink. He must have planned that for hours.

There's plenty of tragedy and embarrassment about that situation, including whatever his relationship or intended relationship was with the young lady, but it's a long way from being criminally actionable, let alone murder.

nswfm said...

On a less cranky note, I used to live on the Manhattan side of this Tri-boro Bridge on 60th Street, for 9 years.