Thursday, November 20, 2008

Locked and Loaded

I promised myself that I'd believe it when I heard it -- from start to finish.

And now I have.

Guns N' Roses mythical new album, Chinese Democracy, really will be released in two days -- but it's available for you to listen to right now on the band's MySpace site.

Go ahead and satisfy your curiosity. Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy


Heather Hansma said...

Don't forget to go to Dr. Pepper's website on the 23rd to get your free DP coupon. They promised everyone in America a free Dr. Pepper if Chinese Democracy actually released their album this year. I couldn't possibly care less about the band, but I do love Dr. Pepper.

Mr. Controversy said...

Very true on the Dr. Pepper, Heather. But I think everyone is forgeting the main point...and that is not forget to buy Guns N' Roses: Chinese Democracy.

That's right kids, buy it on 11/23, exclusively at Best Buy! Comes in four editions:

- Standard CD
- Awesome, vintage cool LP
- A CD with Liner Notes explaining to tweens just who the hell Guns N' Roses are, why the title "Chinese Democracy" is so witty, and why mommy and daddy named them "Paradise".
- A Wooden Box that comes with the CD, a "Making Of" booklet, and a button to hit that automatically voids the 15 years you've spent actually waiting for Chinese Democracy, only to find that it was a dire disappointment and that Axl Rose should be "retired".

Buy early, buy often! Axl needs to keep himself knee deep in cornrows!

Anonymous said...

Good thing about working in media is I already heard this album a couple weeks ago.

Some of the songs are decent. *shrug*

Anonymous said...

OMG, I just listened to it and what a kick-ass guitar intro...and then Axl started to sing and I thought to, he still fucking sucks!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Controversy, you forget the "Special, Special Edition" which has included in the packaging an autographed pair of used Axl Roses tighty-whities.

Phil said...

Don't hate it. Don't want it.

The "It don't really matter... woo!" line still makes me chuckle. Sounds like he's not really up to trying to sound like he means it. Kind of sums it up for me.

Mr. Controversy said...

Anonymous the 1st - Just push the silver button, and all your troubles will be least the ones related to this album.

Anonymous the 3rd - I think I just threw up a little. Oh boy...that's not washing out of the carpet.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Controvery you just proved to me that you have not listened to the new GNR album because if you had you would have crapped your own pants as a result the magical qualities of Axl Roses voice to make people spontaniously do so. This magical power is known by many different names all over the world, but here it is called "The Brown Noise".

*I total stole the name from South Park

MelodyLane said...

My favorite thing in all of this, besides free Dr. Pepper, is that every review I have read so far is glowing. I am waiting for someone to give him a bad review and watch the Kayne-esque hissy fit that Axl will undoubtably throw.

My opinion so far: meh. No Slash or Duff = not GnR.

Sheriff Bart said...

I've always wanted to know what an album that takes 15 years to produce sounds like. Now I know.
I'm glad I didn't spend any money on this.
Appropriately enough there's a track on the album titled "Sorry"

Blade said...

Even outside of GnR fan circles, this is the only group of people that I communicate with, that has not loved the album.

I have listened to this thing about 30 times in the 4 days that I've had it, and every time, somewhere around the middle of "This I Love", i'm in tears.

Maybe i've just turned into a sappy, mushy, old dude since the last GnR album came out, or maybe some of my life experiences match up with Axl in strange ways, but the entire album, excluding the title track, speaks to me like no other collection of songs.

Also, IMO, if you took the best 5 songs off this, and the best 7 or 8 songs off of Use Your Illusion I/II, you may have the greatest collection of music ever.