Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to Make an American Quilt

Just wanted to give a very warmhearted thanks to Nancy Stevens -- self-proclaimed "sixtyish wife, mother, grandmother, Lutheran, thinker and quilter" who blogs near Philadelphia -- for the beautiful quilt she made for Inara.

As you can see, the little one loves it -- and of course Jayne and I are just blown away by the kindness.

Thanks, Nancy.


penni said...

The quilt is lovely, Inara -- priceless! Thanks for fixing what would have been a really boring day at the office.

Anonymous said...

We never get tired of seeing her grow. She's so beautiful. Thnx

choenbone said...

did bebe shrink or did her clothes strech?

girlstyle said...

Which one of you taught her that cheeky little single-eyebrow raise?