Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dream of the Blue Turkey

I posted this last year on Thanksgiving but it's worth repeating:

On this, the day that we celebrate the beginning of the first -- but certainly not last -- great American land swindle, I ask you to remember the plight of flightless birds everywhere. Sure, that farm-raised turkey is now on your plate, but at one time it had dreams of majestically taking to the skies, just like its feathered brethren.

Just like the poor Kiwi.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Cheryl Robbins said...

I remember this Kiwi film, I haven't seen it in ages! Thanks for the nostalgia.

Hope you have a happy and yummy Thanksgiving!

Ref said...


Jeremy said...

Ah... a slow work day after a holiday, a skeleton crew, no bosses to watch over my shoulder, and cartoons that remind me why I'm stuck in my office after attempting to "take wing" for a year with a failed freelance career.
A beautiful little cartoon for such a meaningless work day.
Merci beaucoup

Pale Writer said...

Chez, you made me cry.

Steve said...

That's a sweet cartoon. Thanks, Chez.