Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick or Trick

Think Progress: Phony Board of Elections Flier Tells Virginia Democrats to Vote on November 5th/10.27.08


SherryB said...

I really am starting to think that Virginia ties with Florida in terms of general fucked-up-edness.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be a joke.....right!

Somebody tell me this is a JOKE!!!!

sommer said...

as a virginian, this is scary shit. i know its getting publicity as a hoax and all, but there are some retarded people around here and i hope and pray this doesnt actually stop someone from voting on the right day.
then again, if theyre retarded enough to fall for this, then theyre retarded enough to like palin, and maybe they shouldnt be voting in the first place.

wickedwitch said...

Nope, sorry, this is not a joke. These fliers were distributed in my area of Virginia. Think lower and lower middle class, mixed race and mostly African American neighborhoods. They really looked official in hopes that the almost 400,000 newly registered voters would be confused. This is why I hate living south of the Mason-Dixon.

aaron said...

Is the FEC or whoever runs your elections really so toothless that something like this isn't investigated and punished severely?? Those kind of shenanigans really hurt the reputation of your democracy. Is it just one party that does this or do both sides do dirty tricks?

Ryan said...


Really, they should just change the voter/election frauds to be equivalent to treason.

Duane said...

There actually are new laws to punish this crap in Virginia. Let's see if they can actually track the perps down.

as for the hoax explanation, give me a break. A hoax would be to say Halloween was canceled this year due to too many zombies, not suppress your vote, it'll be really funny to be disenfranchised.

I hate this shit. It happens way too often to be taken lightly.

drater said...

Man, I'm glad I already voted. Here's a very disturbing video of an elections clerk showing how "reliable" the electric voting machines are. He shows it registering the vote incorrectly, recalibrates the machine, then when he proudly demonstrates how well it works after calibration, it still registers the vote incorrectly. Unbelievable. I have a feeling November 4 is going to be the mother of all clusterfucks.

Jeremy said...

I love official statements that begin with incomplete sentences. Even fake ones.

Ben Fleming said...

"We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but felt that this was the only way to ensure fairness to the complete electorial process."

McCain is in a hole, and he seems to think the way out is to dig further down. Well, McCain, keep shovelling shit.

Anonymous said...

I don't care how long I live here in Virginia, I will NEVER say I'm from here.


And I don't tell people I hail from Florida either.

Whoda thought saying one's from Northern California would be the LESS embarassing admission?


Mack said...

Oh, the Commonwealth of Virginia, sigh.

Right, because Kaine just had to make huge cuts to our budget to balance said budget and we can afford two elections days. Reading the nasty right wing remarks about said issue on the Virginian Pilot is funny considering the mess Gilmore left the state with. Warner is going to clean his clock.

Now we're dealing with (what I think is an unconstitutional ban) on political apparel by voters at the polling places.

Not to mention the systematic removal of Obama yard signs from entire neighborhoods. I can't wait to move to Chicago in the spring.

Harris said...

I always who could be fooled by this kind of thing. Are there voters out there without access to radios, televisions and newspapers who don't notice lines outside of polling places or people with "I Voted" stickers? How goddamn stupid do you have to be to fall for this? White supremicist stupid? Black Republican stupid? A barely functioning human vegetable? An actual vegetable?

Izar Talon said...

Someone has been removing Obama yard signs from people's yards in your neighborhood, mack?! Oh my God. Have they been caught yet? That is just completely disgusting. As much as I've wanted to either burn or urinate on all of the McCain yard signs around my town, I'd never do it because of a little thing I have called basic morality.

Then again, we've already gotten all the proof of McCain's supporters "morality" that I'm able to stomach. Not to mention that the man who has been inciting racial hatred at his rallies and then half-heartedly "condemning" it has had the utter GALL to claim that his opposition is instigating "class warfare."

Class Warfare? OK, ho is the one supposed to be spouting Marxist rhetoric again? After all, we all KNOW that socialism=communism. Just look at that evil Canada to see how awful a society embracing that vile godless system
McCain is openly inciting hatred and violence by courting the closet ed KKK vote, and he knows it. I direly fear that something awful will happen once Obama is elected, as a direct result of the hateful and racist invective McCain is inspiring among his supporters. McCain knows it, he HAS to know it, but if he honestly DOESN'T know it then he is so utterly and completely stupid and naive that he shouldn't be anywhere near ANY public office, let alone the goddamn Presidency.

Hey, I just had an idea! Since Ashley Todd has claimed that she really "can't remember" how she got that backwards B carved on her face, maybe it was ACTUALLY a curse put on her by all those legions of Kenyan tribal witchdoctors Obama has working for him with their "spiritual warfare!"

My God, the more I read about the shit McCain's supporters keep pulling it just keeps making me sicker and sicker.

Gah, I'm sorry for the long comment. I've just been getting so SICK of all this shit, especially since my uncle who is living with us currently is the only person in our household who is voting for McCain and won't shut up about it... like he's going to convince us to support a man for president who belongs to a party that embraces systematic racism and misogyny and then has the nerve to claim that Democrats are against feminism and supports the glass ceiling because we don't want that idiot Palin to be VP because she's a woman.