Friday, October 24, 2008

Thrill Baby, Thrill!

A friend of mine used to regularly warn of the dangers of "men made dumb by pussy."

Although this notion may seem crass as hell at first glance, there's truth in it, unfortunately.

Just ask John McCain.

The Washington Post: "Something About Sarah" by Kathleen Parker/10.23.08


Vermillion said...

Speaking of Palin and being made dumb by pussy, don't know if you noticed, but our girl Gina Gershon did another Palin vid.

I swear, between Gershon and Tina Fey, that woman has done wonders for my sex fantasy catalogue.

megbon said...

Kathleen Parker wrote a book about "Saving the Men". She's got a Dowdian obsession with gender roles and rigid adherence to them: men should be strong, women should be nurturing, and, for God's sake, don't go being gay because that screws up everything (and, somehow, like EVERYTHING she disapproves of, makes you a narcissist). She would love nothing more than to make McCain's decision be about pussy. But that decision was all about craven politicking and poor planning.