Friday, October 24, 2008

Quote of the Week (Honorable Mention)

"I guess this means we've officially buried the hatchet, but if he pulls that fucking shit again, I will drop a building on this guy."

-- Matt Lauer talking about Tom Cruise, who participated in a roast of the NBC anchor at New York's Friar's Club today


drater said...

I don't know if nominations are closed for Quote of the Week, but this has to be a contender:
"I'm going to be as restrained and measured as I possibly can about this. But this is the most mindless, ignorant, uninformed comment that we have seen from Governor Palin so far, and there's been a lot of competition for that prize."
--Newsweek's Richard Wolffe on Countdown, reacting to Palin's dismissal of fruit fly research.

Chez said...

I saw that -- think I'll take your advice and put it up.