Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Premature Ejection

Interesting little item from the Iowa State Daily -- the official student newspaper of Iowa State University: According to a report in the online version of the publication, several people in the audience for John McCain's RNC-sponsored campaign rally at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls last Sunday were escorted out of the building before the event even began. The reason appears to be simply that they fit some generic description of potential troublemakers -- in other words, they were of college age and, I'd assume, didn't smell like stale Coors light and chewing tobacco and weren't chanting "USA! USA!" every couple of minutes.

What makes this interesting is that, if you believe the report, a few of those arbitrarily ejected by police at the request of the McCain camp were in fact McCain supporters (although perhaps not anymore) and are now demanding to know why they were forced to leave the rally when it hadn't even started and they hadn't done a damn thing wrong.

They're essentially saying that they were profiled by the McCain people.

That's one possibility.

Another is that John McCain just wanted those kids to get the hell off his lawn and didn't care whose kids they were.

Read on:

Iowa State Daily: Audience Members Removed at McCain Rally in Cedar Falls/10.28.08

(Thanks to alert reader Michael Yeager for the tip.)


idiosynchronic said...

At this or another rally in Cedar Rapids, a college-age woman posed in the background behind McCain as Sarah Palin. http://vodpod.com/watch/1114919-halloween-in-cedar-falls

I suspect that maybe campaign staffers might have been singling out women or parties that have women that could pull off a Sarah impersonation.

I resist the urge to kick the staff at the Daily . . well, daily. I always feel like an abuser afterward for beating up college journalists, particularly the kids on my own campus.

Grim said...

I just couldn't help myself...



drater said...

It's obvious from the photo that the girl being ejected was sitting in the Terrorist Section of the audience, as evidenced by the headscarf on the woman sitting in front of her. I for one salute McCain's crew for teaching our youth a valuable lesson: Don't associate with the wrong kinds of people or you're asking to get messed with by the cops, even if you don't do anything wrong. Thanks for bringing a little dose of reality to Iowa, Team McCain!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Ha! Not that surprised. Remember when Palin reprimanded supporters, confusing them for protesters?

BTW, been reading for a while, just wanted to commend you. The election stuff has all been spot on.

Chez said...

Clever, Grim. And good points.

Paul said...

You are completely wrong about your description of the troublemakers. This is Iowa so they smelled of stale Busch Light.

Eileen said...

the same thing happened at my school when McCain was here last week - it just got hushed up pretty quickly here. pretty much if you weren't wearing red, white, and blue or had on your imitation Sarah Palin glasses, you were a terrorist. obviously.

I am not Star Jones said...

so if he's doing this now, what happens if the old fart gets elected?