Friday, October 31, 2008

Listening Post: Bonus Halloween Edition

Just for the hell of it -- before I sign off for the day in order to give myself time to get the bowl of cough drops ready for the trick-or-treating kids and drink a few glasses of Maker's Mark: Two videos perfect for Halloween, from two visionary directors.

One remains the most disturbingly chilling video ever made -- pure hallucinatory madness. The other hits a note of creepy unease that can't quite be explained but is undeniable.

Happy Halloween, folks.

Aphex Twin -- Come to Daddy (Dir: Chris Cunningham)

Nine Inch Nails -- Closer (Dir: Mark Romanek)


geetch said...

I saw this a few years ago at some ridiculous hour when the house was completely dark and quiet. The masks freaked me out to no end, to the point where I had to move away from the window because I was terrified I would look over and see those faces pressed up against it. They're still freaky but now I'm just laughing at "I will eat your soul." I'm pretty sure the goth kids in my high school all wore that on t-shirts. Just you try and find it, buddy.

The split pig is undeniably horrifying, though. Blergh.

Deacon Blue said...

I'm thinking McCain was in that group of old geezers in suits that kept cropping up in the Nine Inch Nails video. THAT'S the most horrifying part of that whole ride.