Monday, October 27, 2008

Everything to Lose

David Frum is a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, an avowed neo-con, and an all-around Republican heavyweight (albeit a hugely wussified one) -- and he's just written the most daunting, defeatist article to come out yet on the GOP's hopes at the polls eight days from now.

"There are many ways to lose a presidential election. John McCain is losing in a way that threatens to take the entire Republican Party down with him.

I could pile up the poll numbers here, but frankly . . . it's too depressing. You have to go back to the Watergate era to see numbers quite so horrible for the GOP.

In these last days before the vote, Republicans need to face some strategic realities. Our resources are limited, and our message is failing. We cannot fight on all fronts. We are cannibalizing races that we must win and probably can win in order to help a national campaign that is almost certainly lost. In these final 10 days, our goal should be: senators first."

While this is shocking in its candor, what Frum has to say about the possibility of a Democrat-controlled executive and legislative branch is shocking for another reason: its hypocrisy.

"The political culture of the Democratic Party has changed over the past decade. There's a fierce new anger among many liberal Democrats, a more militant style and an angry intolerance of dissent and criticism. This is the culture of the left-wing blogosphere and MSNBC's evening line-up -- and soon, it will be the culture of important political institutions in Washington. Unchecked, this angry new wing of the Democratic Party will seek to stifle opposition by changing the rules of the political game. Some will want to silence conservative talk radio by tightening regulation of the airwaves via the misleadingly named "fairness doctrine"; others may seek to police the activities of right-leaning think tanks by a stricter interpretation of what is tax-deductible and what is not."

I would hope that Frum was forced to stifle a chuckle as he typed these words, since it's positively laughable that an apostle of the neo-con gospel could actually claim the high ground when it comes to the enforcement of petty grudges and the suppression of opposition. I have to assume he's hoping that everyone forgets that it was the GOP who, at various points over the past several years, attempted to disqualify the votes of many underprivileged, redistricted areas to create a Republican majority, invoked executive privilege to keep its own dirty secrets, and generally kept the Democratic minority securely underfoot -- laughing its ass off while doing it.

While waging an angry vendetta against those who gleefully oppressed them for so long would be a terrible idea for the Democrats should they take a good portion of the government on November 4th, their outrage would certainly be understandable given the behavior the Republicans exhibited when they had the unequivocal majority.

For the right to not realize this -- or worse, to play the victim -- is ridiculous.

The Washington Post: "Sorry, Senator. Let's Salvage What We Can." by David Frum/10.26.08


Web Dunce said...

David Frum is one of the biggest pricks in the conservative fold. His attacks on MSNBC - particularly Rachel Maddow - are completely absurd. Why? Because hack that he is he agreed to appear on The Colbert Report the other night to hock his book. Real serious there, Dave. He is just an opportunist, like the rest of them, and nothing more. Fortunately, I think (hope) that enough people are catching on that the conservative argument is total bullshit. They own virtually every crisis this country has stepped in since the Reagan administration, yet they can't seem to accept responsibility for anything. Deflecting their failure onto the democrats is more than laughable - it's downright hysterical. They may just be the greatest satirists of all.

Michael J. West said...

The funny thing is that I found this piece, hypocrisy and all, a refreshing bite of semi-reality after reading Dick Morris's hack job in Saturday's New York Post.

Anonymous said...

David Frum is a weasel turd who will say whatever he thinks will advance his career. When he is right it is by coincidence (Sometimes the truth overlaps with what people want to hear.) He should never be taken seriously because he has zero credibility. He kind of looks like William Kristol, and the two of them are cut from the same cloth.

I don't think you should be citing him except to mock his horribleness. For example, the passage you point out is NOT born from candor. He's trying to sell his fucking book. "Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again." Why did he write that book? Because he saw that neocon gravy train ending and decided to jump on the "Let's fix this mess I helped make!" Train before his compatriots had stopped fighting to save their movement. Now he's making self-serving comments in the press targeted towards potential book buyers. Some of them are true, some are false, but their truth or falsehood must be independently confirmed because DAVID FRUM WILL SAY FUCKING ANYTHING.

Duane said...

Early on in the Bush administration is was considered ill-advised to compare Bush with Hitler as it immediately discredited one's argument as being "loony."

However, to say Bush is at least as bad as Nixon is apt. Actually, it's an insult to Nixon who was at least an earnest politician in charge of his own Presidency.

Every election cycle the opponents claims all the bad things that will happen if one votes for the other guy. Usually it's all rhetoric and none of the claims come anywhere near to the fears expressed. Except with Bush. It is frightening how much damage he has done that the nation was totally forewarned about.

I am so looking forward to an intelligent President with good judgment and sense of fair play. I only hope that Pelosi, under an Obama Presidency, can grow a pair and that goes triply for a Democratic congress.

Fingers crossed. The end is near.

Anonymous said...

I'm a white 53 year old male living in North Georgia. I voted early today. I voted for Barack Obama.
It was refreshing.

Rob in Calgary said...

On behalf of Canadians, I apologize for giving you David Frum.

I'm sure he'll end up peddling his thoughts back up here to the Canadian Conservative party once he realizes his message isn't working down there.

Chez said...

Frum is an absolute douche, I get that -- but what I enjoy about his "candor" in this article is that it proves that weasels are willing to eat their own to get ahead during lean times.

Deacon Blue said...

Chez...I have a call from the Weasel Anti-Defamation League for you...

david said...

His mother , Barbara, was one of the most respected journalists in Canada. How he ended up shilling for the Republican party is a complete mystery. It's fun watching them jump ship and cast blame during these last days leading up to your election.

Pants said...

Not only will weasels eat their own, they'll beat the crap out of them first just to tenderise the meat.

mixtapetherapy said...

Not that you care about stuff like this, but a couple of very hot suburban moms on my block are creaming over this post. They think you're, like, the BOMB, man...and I've got main street 'burb cred for having your home phone.

Whoda thunk it?


dick_gozinia said...

Fuck Frum. He's one of the pricks that hijacked my Republican party and shut down all the sensible voices that still reside over on the right. The ones that still believe in the individual rights principles - and not the Patriot Act. The ones that believe in good old fiscal conservatism - and not spending us into oblivion. The ones who believe that Reagan was right when he talked about staying out of foreign affairs that don't concern us - not the Bush Doctrine. I hate all the neo-cons. They're not representative of real republicans, only the crazy evangelicals and born-agains. And they've made it virtually impossible to be a real conservative in this country and get any respect.

Maybe that's why I'm so excited about voting for Obama.

Izar Talon said...

Willing to eat their own shit, as well.

What is this "Republican Message" he's babbling about? That it's OK to support racism, homophobia, fear and hatred of non-US citizens, and that it's OK to scream "TERRORIST" at any non-WASP as long as it will make you more money and keep you in power over the "dangerous" minorities? I am so fed up and disgusted with these people. They have been actively inciting racial hatred or the past month and then they actually have the GALL to accuse Obama of trying to start a race war with his "Evil" socialistic views of spreading the wealth. Because we ALL know what a wretched hive of scum and villainy that Canada is.

I am in dire fear that something terrible will happen to Obama once he is elected, and it will be a direct result of the hate-mongering that McCain and Palin are building, and if McCain really doesn't see what he is doing then he is FAR too DANGEROUSLY stupid and naive to be anywhere near any kind of political office, let alone the presidency.

But what I truly believe is that he fully knows what he is doing and simply doesn't care. He's actually hoping that he can be carried to victory by the racists, homophobes, gun toting separatist militiamen, and spittle-spraying fundamentalists, because he already knows that anyone left with an ounce of intelligence, integrity, and moral or intellectual honesty has already been repulsed by his vile rhetoric and pandering to the white trash of the country (and to borrow your term, NASCAR America.)

I just got back from Pittsburgh yesterday, and James Carville was right. It IS Alabama out here where I live, and trips to Pittsburgh are very nice just to see some intelligent people. But it's not an entire loss here in BFE central PA; just recently I had someone buy me a drink because I was voting for Obama, and then I had a beautiful woman sit beside me for an hour clutching my hand trying to explain her political views to me, so it's not a total waste in the middle of PA. And we did go for Kerry in 2004.

But McCain is actively pursuing the whit trash, closeted KKK vote, and he knows it. I am in very real fear of the fallout after the election from all the shit and hate he is riling up.

Prozac Boy said...

Yes he is and yes he will. As has been stated he will do anything to get ahead because he has an issue. An issue with his Mother, someone who was recognized as a journalist of integrity.

Just feel sorry for him and his little scraps of journalism, wanting more than he is capable of.

Anonymous said...

I really do hope that your messiah is elected. I will sit back and collect the pension that I earned that is non-taxablend laughmy silly ass off at, what you people think is an ideology that can benefot the USA.
Your boorish awakening will come in the years to follow when you really can't afford that home that Obama didn’t give you that he promised, that jobs will be lost and companies will deteriorate - and you know what your messiah's answer will be? "It's the previous administrations fault". This character has not taken accountability for anything in his life that was even remotely connected to his morals. And you think he is going to take accountability for your welfare? This is too hysterical - here's the Kool-Aid, drink up!

Pants said...

Ehm, anonymous. Laugh your silly ass off at this:

Anonymous said...

You have to ignore someone like Frum. He's a neo-con zealot that sold out his home country many times just to get ahead in the political hack sweepstakes known as the Bush II First Term. He's a disgrace.

Just so every Americam reading this knows, Frum's mother, Barbara Frum, was a legendary journalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - a public broadcaster supported with government revenues. The Frum family's journalistic reputation was born through a government supported, state-funded apparatus. In other words, David Frum's reputation as a neo-con was built on government revenues. Funny that.

David Frum and his sister, Linda Frum, are both children of wealth and privilege. They're incredibly ungrateful types who treat Canada and everything it stands for as a punching bag. Nobody respects them here except for the same neo-conservative echo chamber they work out of. Linda's not as offensive and small-minded as David, but she used to write for the country's resident neo-conservative soapbox The National Post back in the late 1990s and has recently returned as a columnist.

These people are the complete and total opposite of everything the Republican Party stands for. They were born into wealth and access to power the likes of which most Republican voters will never see. Worst of all, they got there on the backs of their parents' stellar reputations.

Linda's easier to tolerate, but David can stay in America. We really don't want him.