Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You Know the Difference Between "Anonymous" and a Pit Bull? Broadband.

I'm sure I'll have something more substantial to say about this tomorrow morning (when I'm not juggling my laptop and a crying baby), but for now I just need to get the basics out there:

There apparently is a God and he really, really does love me.

Why do I say this?

Because just when I thought the whole Sarah Palin fiasco couldn't get any more entertaining or personally all-consuming, my second favorite subject of 2008 just became a part of it.

For yours truly, this is the journalistic equivalent of adding peanut butter to chocolate -- like having OJ suddenly die by shark attack.

It's the goddamned Voltron of news stories.

"Anonymous" has hacked Sarah Palin's personal e-mail.

(Gawker: Anonymous Declares War on Sarah Palin/9.17.08)

(The Hill: McCain Camp Rips "Shocking Invasion" of Palin's Privacy/9.17.08)


Darek said...

I might have sided with the McCain camp regarding this, but considering their handling of Palin all I can say is: fuck her privacy.

Does that make me a bad person?

Anonymous said...

I heard Eric Bauman did it.

VR said...

Chez... I know how you felt, I also think God loves me. It's like he has rained crack mana on me. I can barely contain myself trying to imagine what's going to happen to happen. Ok, calm now... hey congrats on everything!

Robo said... about world's colliding in a positive way. Go Anonymous!!!

Ref said...

Except now we get another bout of sexist, racist homophobes (or, in short, Republicans)whining about how their little Sarah is being disrespected.

Anonymous said...

"I heard Eric Bauman did it."

Eric Bauman is a moron and should never be credited with anything more than stealing other people's content to make money off of it.

That said, if he was arrested for it, I wouldn't mind.

Bauman,,,, please.... He's the Hannity of the web world. Spews nonsense and takes credit for the work of others.

Anonymous said...

VOTAR said...


And the only news outlet that mentioned it so far tonight?: Fox.

While I agree that the pulling away of the curtain and exposure of any malfeasance we may find underneath is a good thing, the fact that this happened at all will likely have a few significant consequences:

1. Heightened sympathy for Palin, suffering yet another offensive assault on her privacy,

2. Anonymous basically just opted to use biological weapons, in other words they've chosen to do something that maybe anyone with enough talent can do, without a concern for whether they should,

3. The tactic is now on the table, potentially, and available to be used against anyone.

I agree it's important to know whether a politician is conducting the business of governance in a shadowy way that skirts the Sunshine Laws, but my gut tells me I should feel dirty for finding out this way. It's like discovering my dad's hidden porn stash.

No, wait, nevermind, that was actually kind of awesome at the time.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this just the 21st century version of Rove breaking into his own office? Especially given how little was actually revealed that was remotely interesting. I said to a friend, "If I click on Drudge and it's the top story, this is more mind game insider ops." I clicked, and sure enough, top story in RED, no less. I rest my case.

McCain thought this would change the subject from his very bad day yesterday. He didn't count on the DOW tanking again. Of course, that's the problem, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"Eric Bauman is a moron and should never be credited with anything more than stealing other people's content to make money off of it."

Okay, who let Rich Kyanka in the pool?

Anonymous said...

yeah i was there for the lulz and eric bauman and his crue were the ones that did it.

Chez said...

I know this is just gonna break the heart of all you "Anonymous" kids, but up until last night, I had no idea who the hell Eric Bauman was, nor did I really care.

But hey -- have at it.

Duane said...

Here in CT Lieberman's website was knocked out days before the last election.

Lieberman cried foul, ripping his opponent for underhanded dealings to win an election.

After an investigation (which taxpayers paid for and well after the election was over) it turns out this was not the evil deed of his opponent, but rather the fault of his own staff.

Lieberman wins. No apology as yet to his opponent. Rovian to say the least.

The Republicans make me sick.

Chez said...

It is interesting actually that the among the things that were "exposed" are a couple of harmless pictures of her kids (making the whole thing seem all the more dirty and intrusive) and an e-mail that mentions God about 20 times.

Mark said...

I'm shocked at this lack of respect for privacy. Before you know it, Anonymous will be making wire taps, unjustified search and seizures and detaining people without charges.

That's our government's job, and we're not outsourcing that...yet.

Anonymous said...

The reason why only family pictures and that e-mail with so many "Gods" are all that appeared is that the person who hacked the account IS NOT the person who posted the pictures to WikiLeaks and changed Palin's account password back to a different one.

What happened is the person who hacked the account got skittish, posted the original password on /b/, and some do-goo-- McCain/Palin supporter took those screenshots and changed the password back.

Basically, this whole thing could have changed the face of the election completely against McCain (There were e-mails with acronyms for various Alaskan government agencies listed), but it was bungled by a scared teenager who didn't archive the contents of the account when he had the chance.

What's that every IT admin always admonishes? "Backup your data, and Sarah Palin's too."

Yeah, that's it.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:48 am anon:

Yea this whole thing could have been epic. Instead it's epic fail.

@ 10:00 pm anon

Lowtax, is that you?

Chris said...

invasion of her privacy?? I thought that after FISA there was no such thing anymore. There is no private email conversations, no need for pesky paperwork to listen in on phone conversations..

Stephen said...

Wait a minute here're missing the point. Chez referenced Voltron....perhaps the coolest fucking cartoon/toy combo ever invented with possibly the exception of G.I. Joe!!!!!!

I'm going to my attic....if I don't make it down alive, Chez gets my DVDs of Star Blazers. Give everything else to my wife.

Sheriff Bart said...

Lion Voltron or the shitty Space Voltron that fagged up the series and was made of over 9000 pieces?