Friday, September 26, 2008

Where's Johnny? (Part II)

I spoke too soon when I said that drama queen McCain's little plan to use the bailout negotiations to get out of tonight's debate had backfired in spectacular fashion.

It actually backfired in unbelievably spectacular fashion.

(ABC News: You Break It.../9.26.08)

(On that note, a great quote from Bob Cesca's piece that ran a couple of days ago at HuffPost: "So what will a McCain administration economic policy look like? From the lack of foresight and leadership we've witnessed so far, we can assume that McCain might choose a new economic policy totally at random, depending on how saucy he feels from minute to minute. 'I'll have a muffin with my Egg Beaters, and replace Bernanke with that hooplehead who weedwacks the knoll.' Two minutes later... 'Hey Phil, we don't need the Nasdaq anymore. Kill it.' Two minutes later... 'My God! What have I done! Quickly -- nationalize the paintball industry! Go!' One thing is for sure. Expecting a workable solution to this economic meltdown from a man as knee-jerk, dishonest and incomprehensible as John McCain would be an exercise in national self-destruction. He doesn't have anything real to say, and what he does say, he can't sell. He simply can't do the gig. A vote for McCain-Palin is absolutely a vote for the end of America as we know it.)


Anonymous said...

To be fair, wouldn't it just be a continuation of the last 8 years rather than "The end of America as we know it?"

Unless he means that it would mean an utter collapse of American power and transformation of America from the world's last superpower to a third world mess, in which case, yeah, that will happen. Might be unavoidable at this point.

Anonymous said...

American your fucked, obviously its an over simplification of the state your in, but hey were fucked as well. We have a set of arses so far up Bush's arse they probably haven't taken it out for long enough to notice that there is an election campaign going on.

Jesus NBC, CNN it like a global 'Big Brother' going on over there....who's going to be kicked first?

See You Next Tuesday said...

This is so approrpiate right now:

Harvey as Rove or Cheney, Mel Brooks is McCain, Miss Stein is Palin (though this is difficult for me, I actually look like her and hate to hand that image over!)

Steve said...

Y'know ... if more of the electorate actually knew what a President's and VP's responsibilities were, they'd be able to see through the crap and choose the people best able to govern?

Naah ... me neither.

Master Mahan said...

So McCain might have actually managed to hurt the bailout plan by trying to support it? I guess two wrongs occasionally do make a right. It's like he tried to stab a choking man but ended up giving them the Heimlich.