Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Sacrilege


Alice said...

in the immortal words of Daffy Duck:

"I hate you."

*still giggling*

Anonymous said...

Who knew? Apparently Jesus is "... like a mounty — he always gets his man..."

that is a fuckin' catchy little ditty — I'll be singing it for days.

Deacon Blue said...

Is this a parody or serious? If it's serious, I'm glad Christian music has gotten a lot better nowadays (for those rare occasions I feel like buying some)...and that I can go back to a couple good 70s-era Southern rock tunes for a little religion with my music.

Chez, this should have been a serious candidate for the next Dope Fiend Theater instead of Sunday Sacrilege.

TexIrishRose said...

Damn that hook. I'm gonna have that in my head for the rest of the day.

Amy I sensing some homoerotic themes? "Mounty?" "Reach inside?" "Always gets his man?" I'm loving the band's name btw: Sonseed = Sperm.