Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quote of the Week (Runner-Up)

"How the fuck are you gonna make decisions about the future when you ain't even gonna be here?"

-- Chris Rock, talking about John McCain


hollygirl78 said...

John McCain will reach average US life expectancy for a male on April 5, 2010. (73.6 years). Unless cancer, POW camp residence, and the stresses of a Presidential campaign lengthens one's life expectancy, he is highly like not to live out a first term. May God have mercy on this planet if Sarah Palin ever becomes the most powerful human being alive on it. We live in a non-nuanced, bumper-sticker culture now, so would someone please make a bumper sticker that says this:

John McCain will reach average life expectancy on April 5, 2010.

That anyone could know this and still consider voting for him, given the farcical VP choice he made, is enough to question natural selection.

em said...

But hollygirl, who needs natural selection when you have creationsm?

The best thing about Chris Rock is that you can *hear* him say that quote without even hearing him say that quote. Now if only I could hear Eddie Izzard's perspective on the election, I'd be set.

Brandon said...

Rock's new standup was good. He had a few funny lines about this election in this routine. One joke he had on Stern was about Palin's selection: "I though Al Davis made that pick". It's funny if you follow the football/bad draft pick reference, otherwise it's lame.

Anonymous said...

There are ways to hit the age issue a little sideways in the debate that shouldn't have AARP blowback.

After the fourth or fifth time McCain distorted Obama's record or plans I wish instead of the weak "That's not true," that Obama would have said, "What Sen. McCain doesn't understand is there is this thing called the internet now where people can get the truth in a few mouse clicks. That old distort your rival's record trick doesn't work in the 21st century like it used to. It's naive to think you can get away with bald-faced lies in this election."

Steve said...

Here's an article on McCain's age from the conservative National Review.

By the way, though McCain's mother is 95, his father died at 70 and his grandfather at 61.

celery said...

so... are americans going to do anything about this?
you guys have a little over a month to make sure that they don't win. i love reading the intelligent commentary, but i'm waiting to *see* the outrage in an organized, active event.

maybe such things are happening and we don't get the coverage up here. i see small rallies on the news, and the usual "rock the vote" attempts to get young people to the polls, but i wonder where the panic is? why aren't you guys freaking out? if outspoken hollywood celebrities are the best bet for the left, then it might be 8 more years of hell in the white house.... no?

i have no suggestions for peaceful revolution - just wondering if i'm missing some sort of action that's been taking place to unify and mobilize americans to stop this republican machine.

Anonymous said...

You make decisions about the future the same way Abraham Lincoln did before he was killed. He had an awesome effect on the future - for the better. Or the way John Kennedy did. He left us 10 years of protracted war.

Those among us - whether the very old or the very young - who are certain they'll be here tomorrow are fools.

namron said...

When asked by Bill Maher late Friday who won the debate, Rock responded: "I didn't watch. But my Daddy always said a black man can't beat a white man. He's gotta' knock him out. If McCain was still standing he probably won." This guy is as quotable as Twain.