Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Friend the Witch Doctor...

Alert reader Em was kind enough to pass this along:

(Times Online: Palin Linked Electoral Success to Help from Witch Hunter/9.16.08)

Every part of this story is hilarious/terrifying, but my favorite line has to be this one:

"Pastor Muthee founded the Prayer Cave in 1989... after 'God spoke' to him."

Man, I used to go to the Prayer Cave all the time back in the late 80s.

It was a great place to pick up Goth chicks, and Thursdays were 35-cent drink nights.


Stephen said...

The Times should be forced to publish an apology to Mrs. Palin and the Reverend. His exact words while praying over her were:

Ooo Eeeh Ooo Ah Ah
Ting Tang
Walla Walla Bing Bang

The Prayer Cave was cool, but the Regal Beagle was really where it was at.

em said...

Awesome, Chez--glad you enjoyed the link.

I'd also like a direct line to God to know his will. Guess I have to either live in Alaska or Kenya, though, not in the city where lazy community organizers have no responsibilities...

Deacon Blue said...

OK, note to Pastor Muthee.

SPIRITUAL warfare. You used the words, so live them.

When you're trying to run someone out of town. When you shoot their animals. When people are talking about stoning the person to fucking death. Well...

...That is PHYSICAL. Temporal. Worldly.

Fine. Pray. I believe in that. Group prayer even. I don't even scoff totally at tongues, even though 95% of the time at least, it's bullshit.

But when you're waging spiritual warfare, you kind of need to focus on spiritual things: Faith, prayer, souls, etc.

You don't go after a person and put them in physical danger and threaten them. Not even if the person really IS a witch, which she probably ain't.


trish said...

I'm pretty sure I saw the Sisters of Mercy at the Prayer Cave back in '89.

VOTAR said...

You might have heard them, trish.

It isn't possible that you could SEE the Sisters onstage through the massive solid bank of fog and blacklights.

VOTAR said...

What is far less entertaining than this story -- far more important than the absurdity of it -- is the bulk of the reader comments below the original source article. Read them. And be very very afraid.

It's clear to me that the world has gone completely insane, and it is equally clear to me what the source of that insanity is. A debate I'm not even going to bother to spark here, again. It's obvious, and it's pathetic, and it's terrifying.

wickedwitch said...

So if the world ends and this bitch is elected to office, maybe I'd better relocate to a more enlightened country like say, Canada?

Fifth Generation Leftist said...

I hung at Aldo's and The Loop in NJ, plenty of blacklight there, Votar.

This woman and her ilk (love that word) should be committed, not allowed any govermental position.

Deacon Blue said...

Well, Votar, I could only get so far in the comments before my eyes started glazing over. I'm not any more or less worried about the religious nuts than the political nuts (I'm guessing it was the religiosity that most struck you). And frankly, the nuts and extremists are always the ones most likely to make the scariest sounding comments and posts.

The core problems are ignorance and intolerance, really. Whether the people are coming from a neocon idealogue angle or a Jesus-is-coming-tomorrow-with-his-assault-rifle crowd, the fact that they can't entertain multiple points of view in their head is what scares me.

I just don't know HOW scared to be, since I don't know how many of the more crazy attitudes have trickled into the general voting population and how much of this is just crazy people with too much time. (Which, for all I know, you might now be considering me to be part of...)

Anonymous said...

Interesting people who ridicule the faith of others usually do not understand it.

This article is scant on details when it comes right down to it. It's hard to conclude much without supposition.

We cannot allow the mix of politics and faith. One's faith certainly shapes who they are, but it should never, EVER be used to manipulate and control others.

We were founded on the freedom of religion, and that needs to be protected as vigorously as all of our rights.

VOTAR said...

It's not enough to call people crazy or extreme as a way of dismissing this behavior. That's too easy, and not only does nothing to raise the level of understanding the alien beliefs of others, it actually contributes to the xenophobia between the faithful and the rational.

Deacon is right on the money to focus on intolerance and ignorance as the core failing of humans. (Most) people are basically intellectually lazy; there is little room for multiple points of view.* This requires a commitment to intellectual discipline that most people simply don't have an interest in. And, I'll briefly add (at great risk of stoking that debate again) that religion does nothing but aggravate this condition by promoting a reliance on canon versus heresy, dogma versus blasphemy, right versus wrong, us versus "them." The Righteous versus the Witches.

*I'm reminded of a great Calvin and Hobbes strip that I cut out and saved years ago, in which Calvin finds himself in a flattened Cubist landscape with extra planes and surfaces after being exposed to multiple points of view in an argument with his dad. Ultimately, he forces all of his dad's alternative ideas out if his head in order to return to a correctly proportioned three dimensional universe, and then tells his dad "you're still wrong."

Deacon Blue said...

Well, I'm not about to light any matches for a fire, Votar...frankly, I agree with you for the most part. But I see a difference between faith and religion a lot of times.

It's a fine distinction, I know (perhaps even mere semantics), and I'm sure the bulk of the posts at my place would still leave you thinking I'm too mired in dogma, but I really do believe there is a difference.

There is a term bandied about now that I really like lately: Churchianity. It's what I try NOT to follow. Christianity = emulate Christ. Churchianity = following the institution. Former to me is good; the latter, to me, often leads to trouble.

Anyway, just some random thoughts. Because again, I'm on board with your observations fundamentally.