Saturday, September 27, 2008

Listening Post

Ah, the 80s kick continues.

Here's the rarely seen video for INXS's To Look At You.


Anonymous said...

Only made it 1:10 in, but this could have been a Roxy Music song. //c

Sandisan said...

Thanks to you I've been spending way too much time finding old INXS songs on youtube. No, really, thanks. Cuz I'd forgotten just how much I love INXS, especially some of their earlier stuff. And how could I have forgotten that weird-ass video for "The One Thing???" Weird. Ass. Video.

But boy was Michael Hutchence a fine looking man. I think it's his fault I always wanted a tall guy with long curly brown hair...I realized that after watching "I Need You Tonight." Now I need to scrape up some money to buy some CDs!!