Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Just Too Easy

NEW YORK (AP) -- Bush says he's confident Congress will pass
robust financial bailout plan.


Mark said...

Thatsa a spicy economic package! Manja manja manja!

Does anyone remember this Daily Show bit from March??

Stephen said...

Cheney '08

Master Mahan said...

Okay, now I *know* we're screwed.

Anonymous said...

I once started a blog documenting your own limited vocabulary, Chez, with an entry devoted to each gratuitous use of any form of the word "fuck."

I'd give you the link, but Blogger kicked me off when I hit my storage limit after three days. I guess I thought their system was--I don't know--more robust.

Chez said...

Fuck you.

b80vin said...

I once started a blog documenting the inane and infantile whines of people named "Anonymous" on your site, Chez. After three days Blogger kicked me off for "Stupidity". I didn't even know they had that category.

In any event, fuck Bush and his fucking corporate socialism/fucking welfare, and the fucking parachutes he's fucking willing to give those fucks who fucked up, those, to paraphrase Homer, fuckiest bunch of fucks who ever fucked.