Monday, September 29, 2008

In the Red

Last week I reposted a silly little piece I wrote a while back poking fun at CNBC's Erin Burnett (Money Makes the Girls Go Round/9.25.08). Well, the new issue of Vanity Fair features an article which asks "Who Is Wall Street's Queen B?" and which contends that the rivalry between Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett is mostly "a male fantasy thing."

Yup, pretty much the most dead-on assertion VF has printed in years (and the above picture from the magazine goes a long way in proving it).

Erin my dear, I'm still waiting to hear from you.


slouchmonkey said...

Please let me know when Bob is back and playing in your living room. I'd like to be on hand for the jam.

Deacon Blue said...

Their rivalry is only my "male fantasy" if a mud pit or oil-soaked wrestling ring is involved...

Otherwise, I have no use for either one of them. I think I can safely say at this point in my life that my chances of having much involvement with Wall Street Finances are pretty much kapoot.

Any chance I can get an "amen" on this one, Votar? We've been on opposite (or nearly opposite) sides of the fence too often lately; would like to know that we're on the same page on something.