Saturday, September 27, 2008

He Grinned Like a Baby but Bit Like a Gator

The Sting is one of my all-time favorite movies. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Cool Hand Luke aren't far behind.

Which is why it hurts like hell to hear that Paul Newman -- one of Hollywood's truly great leading men, a movie star's movie star -- has died at the age of 83.

Newman was immensely talented, great-looking, an adventurer, compassionate and caring toward his fellow man, and most of all -- just plain cool.

They really don't make them like him anymore.

And maybe that's what makes the loss that much tougher to take.


VOTAR said...

Good salad dressing.

Anonymous said...

Can't get enough of Newman's The Verdict. When it came out in 1982, I think, it caused me to look to law school. Unfortunately for me, law school to me was no two hour movie!

Jacki Schechner said...

G-d was he sexy! Not just because he was ridiculously attractive but also because he was generous and kind and a committed and loving husband. He and Joanne had one of the last iconic Hollywood marriages.

I was really sad to hear he'd passed. Makes you want to live life a little better, doesn't it?

b80vin said...

The first movie that ever made me think and convinced me that movies were more than war, western or monster distractions was "Hud". Since I first watched that on a black and white tv late at night, Paul Newman (and Patricia Neal, for that matter) has been my favorite "real" actor.

Sad day.

drater said...

Newman was one class act. George Clooney has a story about meeting him for the first time, when ER had just become a huge hit and the movie offers were starting to roll in. Newman acted like he had no idea who he was and wished him good luck making it in show biz. Clooney wasn't sure if Newman was just screwing with him but it did put things in perspective for him.

I love one of his last movies, Nobody's Fool. Also has pretty good performance by Bruce Willis and Melanie Griffith flashes the camera, so what's not to like?

Master Mahan said...

A damn shame. The man was a talented and prolific actor, a classy guy, and he made good salad dressing.

I should be that handsome when I'm 83. Hell, I do alright, but I'm not that handsome now. The world is truly lesser for Newman's passing.

Paul said...

Nobody can eat 50 eggs.

Luke Weiss said...

my favorite actor.
my favorite movie - Cool Hand Luke.

It is time to netflix the remaining 20 or so movies of his that I have not yet seen.

He was a good man who lived out the only honest life available to the hollywood elite; that is, he lived in connecticut.