Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Greek Theater

Since starting this little experiment of mine, I've met a lot of really nice people whom I've never actually met -- readers who write to me often and to whom I write back. They're more than just virtual friends; they sometimes feel like family simply because they've read my stuff long enough to where they can tell when something's wrong and are always there to lend a kind word.

One of my favorite "blogger" friends is Nancy -- a self-proclaimed "sixtyish wife, mother, grandmother, Lutheran, thinker and quilter" who lives just outside Philly. Nancy's not only a sweetheart of the highest order, she's one of the sharpest ladies I've come across in a very long time -- a damn good writer who knows how to put what she's thinking into words in a way that's economical and to the point (as opposed to the way I write, which is verbose, meandering and occasionally just plain obnoxious).

Nancy's latest post is a pre-cursor to Thursday night's vice presidential debate and manages to hit the problem with Sarah Palin right on the head.

(Nancy, Blogging Near Philadelphia: Greek?/9.30.08)

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Melissa B. said...

Her post is succinct, her point well-taken. I think it's really all Greek to Sarah Palin, don't you?