Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cut and Run

What a difference a week and nine points in the national polls make.

I actually had to do a double-take when I first saw this story, figuring I was reading it wrong because there was just no way it could be true. He may be a half-batshit old man, but John McCain simply wouldn't allow himself to be put in a position where it could look to some voters like he was, well, running scared.

But nope, it's true.

John McCain wants to postpone Friday's first presidential debate with Barack Obama.

The excuse he's offering is that, suddenly, now is not the time for partisan bickering -- that he's planning to suspend his campaign temporarily to focus on the current economic catastrophe and that Barack Obama should do likewise for the good of the country. For those playing along at home, that would be the economic catastrophe caused by the deregulation, mismanagement, unfettered greed and bald-faced incompetence that his party willfully promoted and which he himself has espoused (regardless of the horseshit he's spewing now in an effort to distance himself from this disastrous mess).

So basically, McCain wants to call a time out now that his team's down by nine in the fourth quarter (and make no mistake, if the roles were reversed and it was the Obama campaign lagging behind in the polls, McCain not only wouldn't agree to such nonsense, he and his surrogates would be on every television network in America -- even the Cartoon Network -- mercilessly ridiculing Obama for his cowardice, to say nothing of his inability to multitask).

Tell you what -- Obama should agree to let McCain off the hook for Friday provided he agrees to a no-holds-barred joint press conference to include both Joe Biden and Sarah Palin -- during which they'll be grilled about their respective plans for the economy, foreign policy, anything else that comes to mind.

I figure with all that executive experience, Palin should probably have some really good ideas for solving these problems.

And McCain, well, he spent time in a Vietnamese prison camp -- surely he can handle a few pointed questions.

I mean, really, he's a war hero -- there's no way he's afraid.


Anonymous said...

McCain knows jack shit about the economy, why should he want to delay. And not to stir up any old jokes, but I will, the proof that he doesn't know anything about the economy can be found in the fact that anyone who owns seven houses we can only conclude that he can't see (and probably has never even heard) the economy from his back porch. This is just another tactic to make McCain look like he actually gives a shit and is not just trying to use the presidency to fill his pockets with bucket loads of cash. This is all a ploy to make him look like a "compassionate conservative", which, in the Republican world - let you tell you folks - there is no such thing.

em said...

Just another tactic to make Obama look like a self-centered elitist jerk. Nice one, McCain.

Anonymous said...

Next he is going to try and delay the elections for another year of two, or four, or eight, until they can figure this whole thing out. The thought of 'W' being prez for another terms makes me want to take a long dive off a short cliff. All the sudden I don't feel so good.

Steve said...

Hope he has Depends.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Monty Python-

This is supposed to be a presidential campaign. Let's not bicker and argue over who fucked-up what.


Steve said...

By the way, in spite of what some pundits suggest, this isn't the GOP's "Hail Mary" play.

I'm afraid that when it comes, it will involve National Security, which is McCain's only card left to play.

Anonymous said...

check this link for the Palin video out:

Then read this:

If I wasn't scared shitless before, I am now.

Heather said...

Em --

I thought the same thing when I saw this, and then Obama's subsequent rejection of the delay. This will either make him look really good; or really, really bad. The other side of the fence will loudly proclaim him an ass because unlike their guy he doesn't care about the economy and finding solutions enough to postpone a "silly" debate. I agree with Obama's logic, that this is the time we need to hear from the potential leaders, what they think and what their plans are because this bailout will not be the end of it. It will help, but there's a lot more mess to clean up afterward, and whichever of them wins will be the one stuck with it.

I find it odd that the very man who promoted deregulation is now all about throwing under the bus the very same people he helped, and spewing talking points about a situation he helped to create.

It makes my head hurt.

Kurgan said...

It seems like the Obama camp called McCain in the morning.

The conversation went something like, "I dunno, what do you want to do?".

As the McCain camp was wringing their hands, looking for an aanswer and an angle, Karl Rove got back in from lunch.

The rest is history. It is a farce. It is a smoke screen. It is brilliant!

I swear that evil bastard is my hero!

Master Mahan said...

First McCain delays the opening of the Republican National Convention on account of hurricane, and now he wants to back off of a debate because deregulation proved to be as astonishingly stupid as it always does. Fucker. It's not so much the palatable sense of desperation that pisses me off, it's the exploitation of other people's suffering. It's clear the only disaster McCain is worried about is his campaign. Sure, any potential president with the ability to learn when something isn't working is a refreshing change from the Bush Administration repeatedly smashing the country into a brick wall rather than turning the goddamn wheel. Being able to change is good. This isn't change, though. This is blind panic.

I'd also love to hear McCain, self-admitted economy idiot, explain what exactly he plans on doing in Washington.

Ryan said...

Obama should say yes to bumping the presidential debate on one condition: swap the veep debate on the 2nd with Friday's.

Let Biden/Palin go toe to toe on Friday... not like they'll be doing anything anyways while BO & Pappy are off saving the fiscal world ;)

Chez said...

According to CNN, McCain wants to move Friday's debate to October 2nd and move the VP debate scheduled for that night to... well... some other day.

I agree with swapping the Prez debate with the Veep, but it looks like moving the VP debate is what this whole gambit was about.

Pants said...

What a crock! How can they get away with this? Should we send in UN election observers?

Anonymous said...

I think that this is going to blow up in McCain's face. He just looks like a huge pussy who's afraid of getting his ass handed to him in the debate. The funny part is that the debate was supposed to be about foreign policy which is McCain's strong suit.

All Obama had to do to undermine McCain's supposed maverick move was to do exactly what he did and ask why McCain couldn't do both. That's really not that much to ask, really.

Everybody on Earth knows that McCain knows jack shit about the economy, so it's not like he's running up to Washington to do anything except to put on a show. Couldn't he run up there, have some face time, vote, and fly down to Mississippi? That's not entirely unreasonable to expect for someone WHO'S RUNNING FOR FUCKING LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD! Shouldn't we at least require the fucker to be able to multitask?

b80vin said...

Yes, McCain wants to cancel the VP debate and move the first Presidential debate. The Dems are saying they have an agreement with Paulson. The only thing left is to see how the Republicans vote on the agreement between now and Friday. If they delay the vote or defeat the agreement we know this will be a partisan tactic to shield Palin from Biden and not in any way to help the country.
The second thing is that, according to polls (for whatever they're worth) the majority don't want to cancel the debates and don't think the nominees should suspend their campaigning.

It's getting more and more obvious that voting for McCain/Palin would be treasonous.

dick_gozinia said...

My thought is McCain wants to move the debate because he's sure that the debate will lean heavily toward economic policy questions.

Which he knows absolutely nothing about. Remember the "economic policy is not my strong suit," comment that Romney, Giuliani and others hammered him over in the primaries? And why have I not seen hourly Obama commercials where they play that sound clip to death? Hell, even Ron Paul made McCain look like a bumbling idiot when he asked him a debate question about the President's Working Group on Financial Markets. McCain basically answered by saying, "I have no idea what that is, but I've got guys like Phil Gramm who do."

How'd that vast economic knowledge of Gramm's work out for our current economic situation?

McCain knows that Obama can absolutely smoke him on economic topics and doesn't want to walk into that buzzsaw Friday. By postponing, he takes the chance that he gets good press over helping to push a recovery package through, the markets somewhat stabilize, and he doesn't get peppered with economic questions that he can;t reasonably answer. Because "economic policy is not my strong suit."