Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cruel Intentions

And I thought yesterday's column from Sam Harris really dug its claws into the reality of Sarah Palin.

From today's edition of Salon:

"'Sarah's on a mission, she's an opportunist.'"

"According to some political observers in Alaska, this pattern -- exploiting 'old-boy' mentors and then turning against them for her own advantage -- defines Sarah Palin's rise to power. Again and again, Palin has charmed powerful political patrons, and then rejected them when it suited her purposes. She has crafted a public image as a clean politics reformer, but in truth, she has only blown the whistle on political corruption when it was expedient for her to do so. Above all, Palin is a dynamo of ambition, shrewdly maneuvering her way through the notoriously compromised world of Alaska politics, making and breaking alliances along the way.

"'When Palin takes credit for knocking off the old-boy network in Alaska, it drives me crazy,' said Andrew Halcro, an Anchorage businessman and radio talk show host who ran against her in the 2006 GOP primary race for governor. 'Sarah certainly availed herself of that network whenever it was expedient.'"

"'The idea that Sarah shook up the state's old-boy network is one big fantasy, it's complete bullshit,' Halcro said. 'She got all this public acclaim for throwing people who backed her under the bus -- but she only did it after they became expendable, when she no longer needed them.'"

You know something? I'm pretty sure John McCain has a word for women like this. Damn, what is it? I think it begins with a "C."

Oh well, I'm sure it'll come to me.

(Salon: "Mean Girl" by David Talbot/9.23.08)

While we're on the subject, here are a few photos from last week's "Alaska Women Reject Palin" rally in Anchorage. It turned out to be the largest political protest the state's ever seen -- but of course most of the rest of the country saw none of it.


Steve said...

A dollop of trollop?

Chris said...

As an aside, doesn't that high school photo look like Laura Palmer?

Anonymous said...

ok all fine and good, but Chez, how about the campaign today instructing the mainstream media (or selected ones) absolutley NO question and answer period with Palin after her meeting with Karzai and Kissinger. FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS!

Mr. Controversy said...

Candidate? Character? Charisma? I'm running out of C words here, pick one.

b80vin said...

Rottweiler, it gets worse. She allowed in one crew initially, CNN, as a pool representative. But CNN threatened to boycott under those conditions so the McCain people relented. So which is MORE outrageous? Palin refuses the media access, or the media makes a stand for a paltry photo op. A photo op? Not a single press conference since her nomination and they decide to grow a pair so they can take pictures that amount to free Glamor Shots.

Charly Gordon said...

To be fair, this is how most bilateral meetings during the UN General Assembly are "covered" -- there's one still photographer, one TV camera crew, one print reporter and one radio reporter, who share their stuff with everybody else.

Basically, it IS just a photo op -- the print and radio guys are only there on the very slim chance that one or the other participants in the meeting will forget themselves and say something remotely newsworthy.

The whole point of this, however, is that the McCain campaign originally tried to limit the coverage to ONLY one pool photographer -- no TV, radio or print.

It seems clear to me that the McCain campaign is absolutely terrified of what this woman will say without a teleprompter, and is going to extraordinary lengths to keep the press away from her ANY time she's working without a script.

Kudos to CNN and the Wall Street Journal for threatening a boycott. The campaign backed down in a hurry, because what was the point of this whole exercise if not to get footage of Palin hobnobbing with world leaders -- ANY world leaders -- on TV?

(Oh, and Chez? Do you have a source for that bit about the "largest political protest" in Alaska's history? Would like to send it around to friends...)

Steve said...

It looks like the press has grown a pair. Finally. But I guess that's what it takes -- deny them a story that they actually want.

Chez said...

Charly --

You're right: McCain wanted only a photog and to keep any editorial presence out of the shoot -- which is ridiculous.

As for the rally info, send me an e-mail. I have the info in my inbox; it was confirmed by someone I know on the inside.

Kurgan said...

Does anyone recall the details of the post meeting press conferences in Europe with Obama?

I don't remember if it was Q&A.

Anonymous said...

If all they were going to get was a stupid photo then why give in on any terms?

How often have we seen the media go crazy over celebrities who try to hide from them?

The Palin handlers in charge of this "photo op" are communication people. Come on, they know what they're doing. They're still playing the media like a drum and they're still falling for it because afterall, it's all about rtings and this bitch is ratings gold.

They were allowed a total of 30 seconds max to photo her & each of the leaders she met. The flashes were blinding.

How sickening was the shit eating grin on Palin's face? She knows how to play the game and seems to get what she wants no matter who she has to step on to get it.

Isn't that what the referenced article in this post was about???

Anonymous said...

Oh and BTW, guess who's she's meeting with tomorrow.


Words escape me!!