Friday, September 26, 2008

The Court v. Public Opinion

I'll make this quick, which is probably a good thing since what I'm about to say likely won't be very popular.

Georges Clemenceau once famously said that war is too important to be left to the generals. Well, I'm starting to believe that from what we've seen lately -- the trickery, lies and dangerous gambits of the McCain campaign and the fact that its only competition isn't blowing it fully and comfortably out of the water in the nationwide polls -- the future of this country may be too important to be left to the people.

Or, more specifically, to the half of this country that values ignorance, provincial charm, impressive deception, unwavering party allegiance and mindless ideology above not simply a government based on thoughtful analysis but above the very lives of the people who live under it.

If you've seen enough courtroom dramas, you know that often when a lawyer makes a questionable argument or takes a dubious stand on behalf of his client, the judge will sometimes decide that it goes too far in the direction of subverting the very concept our legal system stands for: justice. He or she will essentially say that the argument is so prejudicial -- so out-of-bounds -- that the jury shouldn't even be allowed to hear it. And so it's thrown out.

It happens in court all the time.

Why can't it be allowed to happen on a national scale -- in the current presidential election?

Here's my point: Sarah Palin isn't simply unqualified to be vice president -- or God forbid, president -- she's thoroughly unqualified. If installed in office, the McCain ticket will have put this country in imminent danger. What's worse, the reason Palin was selected for the campaign actually has nothing to do with her qualifications or lack thereof to begin with; it was a purely political choice -- a shifty little trick designed to nab the narrative and nail down the conservative base which, quite frankly, doesn't typically employ any semblance of logic or reason in voting for a candidate anyway. On the contrary, there are those who support Palin specifically because they believe she will be a harbinger of the End Times and help hasten the rapture. McCain counted on this when he chose her; he didn't bother to vet her properly and didn't care one bit that she might not be prepared to take on the responsibilities of being a vice president. (If you need proof, look at the way he cynically attempts to hide her from anyone who might put her in a position where she'd make it clear that she has no idea what she's talking about and has no place being where she is right now.)

So why can't someone step in and declare that this candidacy isn't fit to be handed to the voters?

I realize that, as usual, this will get me slapped with the ubiquitous "elitist" tag, but by now the reality of Sarah Palin is beyond speculation or opinion; it's pretty much proven fact to anyone with a brain.

McCain is currently and consistently lying to win this election and if he succeeds, the nation as a whole will pay the price because his vice president doesn't meet even the paltriest of standards for assuming the office.

Who can step in and halt this farce?

I'm not quite sure, but I'd be inclined to offer this suggestion -- which I admit doesn't come from a lawyer, so take it for what it's worth: the Supreme Court made a decision regarding the 2000 election that changed all of our lives irrevocably; maybe it's time someone availed him or herself of our hallowed legal system and truly did try to have this put to a judge.

Who'll be the first to file an emergency injunction against the McCain campaign?



Girl With Curious Hair said...

The problem is, the Supreme Court would probably keep McCain and hand him the election anyway. Remember, they're the geniuses that gave us Bush and Cheney--back when there was more of a balance on the bench.

Cheetah Chrome said...

I totally agree with you Chez. Here is the problem... who gets to be the judge? Smart people, right? Smart people like... ???

The intellectuals on the Right have already thrown in the towel (those still living). Their party and their people don't listen to them. Half of this country REALLY believes that our leaders should be someone we have a beer with, suck-off Jesus and kill any neighbor who doesn't mow his lawn correctly.

This country has a long-standing (and absolutely absurd!!!!) distrust of the intellect. How do we change this? Can we?

Abey Jones said...

Her confidence is slowly unraveling. Soon the undecided voters will wake up and vote for Obama/Biden. (Maybe I'm hoping for too much).

Where are the high profile Republicans? The ones that preach country first. They need to end the love affair and speak out against Palin's ignorance on pretty much everything, and McCain's irrational choices. This time it really counts.

Deacon Blue said...

I agree in principle. Unfortunately, the Constituion doesn't put much in terms of what is required to be prez/V.P. aside from age and citizenship. Thus, there isn't really much for the Supreme Court to go on, even if it was more balanced, which is isn't.

Frankly, this SHOULD be the job of the Democratic and Republican parties. No one should be allowed to run...and no V.P. candidate should be chosen...that doesn't meet a certain minimum threshhold.

Lord knows that companies have requirements for jobs. Either it's time to update the Constitution to reflect that or the parties need to step up and grow a pair and deal with this shit.

But for this cycle, sadly, I don't see that there is anything that can be done to remove her.

burke said...

Unfortunately, the precedent was already set with the (semi-) election of good ol' W that intelligence, or even a layman's grasp of current events, is not a requirement to be president or VP. The cabinet, as selected by the party, will run the Executive branch with the president simply acting as a bullhorn... No experience needed!

IBG said...

McCain's crime is treason -- giving aid and comfort to the enemy, which he has done by placing Ms. Squawking Points so close to the Presidency. The problem is the GOP simply doesn't give a shit. To them, elections are shadow plays crafted to retain power so they'll just keep the illusion going until Nov. 4 in the hope that the great unwashed still buys the bullshit. If the unthinkable occurs and they win, Palin will be relegated to attending funerals. Her part in the play will be over.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it--if we actually hired for the position based on qualifications and experience, neither McCain nor Obama would be at the top of the candidate pool. We select our leaders based not on how well they can lead, but on how well they can campaign.

I'm reminded of Mr. Waturi's question: "I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?"

Tuba Terry said...

I'm frustrated by the fact that "elite" has come to mean a bad thing in politics. When I fly, I want a pretty damn elite pilot to take me where I'm going. Dale Earnhardt was an elite race car driver. I was a member of America's elite fighting force, and none of those rednecks think badly of the good ol' USMC, do they?

Oh well, I'm going to continue to hope that the idiots get distracted by something shiny on election day.

trish said...

Fuck I love you, Chez.


Chez, when the new Rome finally burns, we should be toasting marshmallows....
If there are enough people in this country that would actually vote for and succeed in putting this deranged duo in charge of it, then so be it. If this is what our nation has truly been reduced to, then let the whole world see for itself. If we are a doomed empire, then bring on the gallows and be done with it....
There's been no shortage of events in the last eight years in which the commander-in-chief's response to, or his administration's handling of, should have warranted an uprising of those with America's best interests at heart to show that a true democracy is guided by the will of it's people. Instead, we let the most unpopular president of our time consistently get away with making executive decisions aimed at benefitting the few, regardless of the consequences felt by the rest.
And the majority of the nation shrugs it's shoulders, sighs in resignation, and goes back to watching America's Got Talent.
Just imagine, should Obama either lose or be robbed in this election, after all this country has been through since the start of this century, what it would symbolize...
At that point, how many of us that are still raising our objections to this mess would be silenced by our own overwhelming disenchantment, or as you might prefer, malcontentedness?
From there, perhaps morbid curiosity rules....