Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brownie, You're Doing a Heck of a Job

Although I give plenty of props to CNN's Campbell Brown for being the media's most surprising voice of outrage in this campaign, she was a little off-base last night in her rant against the McCain campaign's attempts to keep Sarah Palin safely out of reach of the press.

It's not that they don't have faith in her because she's a woman.

It's that they don't have faith in her because she's a moron.


Ace said...

Actually, I think it is a brilliant counter-argument that is meant to dull the sexism argument floated by the right, when they say, to the effect "You MSM meanies are being sexist by wanting her to actually act like, and fulfill the responsibiities of, a VP candidate"... They can't protect her image for the next month and a half, or can they?

And yes, she is a moron. A 1/2 retarded beauty queen, 1/2 political science "C" student who's professors passed her just so they wouldn't have to listen to her grating fucking voice anymore, and 1/2 cooky local politician who gets in way over her head and uses those "C" answers to the essay questions as her policy and hopes that someone smarter doesn't tear her down (I know, it's three halves, but I had to modify my "Fucking Moron Scale" after the Bush re-election to include up to four halves, because, well, you know, god really wants four halves and if I can't take his advice on math, who's can I take?)

Chez said...

Oh I know -- it actually is a stellar comeback. I just enjoy repeating that Palin's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

What's interesting about Campbell is that she's married to a Bushie. Gives her a lot of cred in my book. But I agree, she missed the mark on this one.

em said...

I love this clip.

I can't even argue with anyone about Palin anymore. One of the news sites I enjoy reading has a conservative guy on there, who means well, but says the most asinine shit in his comments. He actually said that Palin has *more* experience than Bill Clinton did when he took office because of her position as governor in Bumblefuck, Alaska. Riiight, because, uh, living in England and going on trade missions to Asia are nothing compared to shooting a wolf from a fucking plane.

It's pointless. I give UP.

Pants said...

Hehehe, excellent! But, if all this turns out not to be enough to keep Methuselah and his sock puppet out of office, whatever will we do?

My gouvernment followed Bush to Irak and Afghanistan (where we're still cleaning up and not making much progress), but if we are asked to follow McCain (may he rest in peace...) > Palin to Russia and/or Iran I am strapping on the semtex myself!

Steve said...

I get pissed off when people give Palin credit for being ambitious. Where the hell does that come from? What kind of society respects ambition without integrity?

Actually, that's how ambitious morons succeed, I suppose. No integrity.

Watch the exit polls guys. I smell voter fraud. Again.

Anonymous said...

Corporate society celebrates ambition. There are incredible amounts of people in job positions they are not qualified for. They schmooze their way to the top, know how to fake it like they know what they are doing and how to backpedal when the shit hits the fan. Integrity translates to "trouble maker" or "disgruntle employee" in Corporate language.

b80vin said...

Uhm, one glaring mistake by Brown. McCain gave his first press conference yesterday (the day of Brown's short "rant")in two weeks. He took two questions, in lasted for ten minutes and one of the questions was, "Has this become the No-Talk Express?" So McCain isn't talking to the press either.