Friday, September 26, 2008


Well, l guess that stunt's over.

Now tell me, who looks steady, focused and assured -- and who looks like an erratic, confused, crazy old man?

(The New York Times: McCain Will Participate in Debate/9.26.08)

Oh yeah, and not only is he going to be there tonight, if you believe an internet ad his team is circulating -- he's already won.

Like I said a couple of days ago -- we're in seriously uncharted territory now. This is either a dangerously unhinged man or just a shockingly incompetent campaign.


Steve said...

He's not crazy, he's a maverick! Wacky, madcap and zany! You never know what he'll do next! At least his Presidency would be entertaining! Wow, what a ride!

Obama. Oboring.

(See? Anything can be spun.)

Deacon Blue said...

Fact is, in my opinion (humble or not), Obama never looked unsteady, unfocused or lacking self-assurance. He sometimes looked like he was too willing to take hits without hitting back (which isn't altogether without merit at times).

McCain, however, has always looked erratic and confused (and very, very angry)'s just that as things unravel, his shit is showing through even worse.

Steve said...

"Dewey Defeats Truman".

Mr. Controversy said...

The Internet hates John McCain and Sarah Palin.

So do Baby Jesus, Grown Up Jesus, Tuxedo Shirt Jesus, and a flock of fluffy kittens/puppies/velociraptors.

Deacon Blue said...

Your output has picked up considerably the past couple days, Chez...Inara must be napping well lately. In any case, good to see you doing a "troop surge"

wickedwitch said...

I stand by my comment from many threads back. McCain = Aricept.

em said...

I love how that's the least creepy picture they could find.

girlstyle said...

I'm pretty sure "coquettish" is not a look one should aspire to in a presidential campaign photo.

Anonymous said...

I will certainly still be voting for Obama come November 4, but when looking at this picture I am overwhelmed with a sense of pity and sadness for John McCain.

I just remember a point somewhere around 10 years ago when I could look at this man and say, "Now see, THAT'S where Republicans should be putting their effort." Although I suppose I didn't know as much at the time, it just seems sad to me that someone I at one point had more than a modicum of respect for has turned into such a sad self-parody.

Ben Fleming said...

"McCain Wins Debate!"

"Mission Accomplished!"