Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Bitter End

Back when people were first writing about my untimely dismissal from CNN, a lot of them sifted through this site looking for a juicy quote to use as the perfect example of why network management might have a problem with the things I say.

For whatever reason, more than one settled on this particular line from earlier this year:

"Pat O'Brien is the single most ridiculous human being currently sucking down oxygen."

Whether this was chosen because there's some sort of consensus within the mass media that this allegation is true -- or because they believe it's the furthest thing from true -- I'll never know.

But to this day, I stand by my strangely controversial statement.

And if you're not sure you agree, please allow Pat himself to once again put your mind at ease:

(The New York Post: Pat O'Brien's Manifesto of Compassion, Outrage, Bitterness, Narcissism and Jealousy/9.16.08)

My original column:

(DXM: O'Brien O'Blivion/2.12.08)


Anonymous said...

Sorry; I couldn't make it past, "I'm a little bit of a favorite son there..."

Some caring and humility, eh?

And seriously, that's ALL that people could point to as being the reason for your firing? A quote about Pat fucking O'Brien, the asswart of humanity (closely following in Bill O'Nasty's footsteps, I might point out, but then, even Fux News wouldn't have him)??? HA.


Deacon Blue said...

You're just jealous because you couldn't get a proper '70s porn mustache going.

Best you could probably do is one of those hipster Kurt Elling facial hair arrangements.

That might do well with the high-brow New York intelligensia types you throw back cosmos with, but in the real world, where a man is measured by how many young fillies he can bang in the back of a limo while flashing that devil-may-care grin...well, you need the Ron Jeremy porn 'stache for that, my friend.

b80vin said...

While outside today a gnat landed on my arm and I squashed it.I wonder what else you and I did in common today.

nomadnewyork said...

O'Brien is really freaking silly but so is linking to Page Six.