Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bitchy Rich

It's such an unexpected pleasure when we're given the opportunity to get a theme going around here.

First up, McCain campaign spokeswoman Carly Fiorina -- who was unceremoniously fired as CEO of HP back in 2005 -- is now being banished to the rhetorical Phantom Zone after commenting yesterday, without so much as a hint of irony, that neither John McCain nor Sarah Palin would be capable of running a company.

I wonder if the McCain camp gave her a 45-million dollar golden parachute with her walking papers.

(The Huffington Post: McCain Throws Fiornia Under the Bus/9.17.08)

Meanwhile, one of Hillary Clinton's most fervent supporters and a member of the DNC is going to announce today that she's throwing her support behind the McCain-Palin ticket. Lynn Forester de Rothschild (and no, I'm not making that name up) says she feels that Barack Obama is arrogant, elitist and doesn't understand the problems of average people.

Forester is married to international banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and splits her time between London and New York.

If this were an episode of The Office, Jim would stare blankly into the camera right about now.

That said, you can go ahead and get on with your day. Mrs. Forester de Rothschild's comments aren't meant to be taken seriously by anyone and are for entertainment purposes only.

(AP: Top Clinton Backer Backing McCain/9.17.08)

(If you find the title of this post sexist in any way, please feel free to address your complaints here.)


Girl With Curious Hair said...

"Miss de Rothschild"

That's "Mrs. de Rothschild", who has married into one of the oldest European families known for their humble roots and lack of money.

Anonymous said...

Her husband's name is SIR EVELYN.

I can't take her seriously only because of that.

Chez said...

I did write "Miss," didn't I?

Sorry, trying to work while attending to a screaming, needy little girl.

Story of my life.

(I kid. I kid -- really.)

Deacon Blue said...

Chez...I know all about screaming, needy little girls. The joy and pain of being at home to raise the lovely darling. Just wait until she can talk. Then you get bigger and more forceful demands along with the joy of hearing her speak. Plus she'll have learned to kick you where it really "accident" of course.

Thank God for the kids' sake that they are so damn lovable. One little smile or loving touch and you forget that you wanted to abandon fatherhood five minutes earlier.

Just you wait until she can give you an honest loving kiss on the cheek,'ll be forgiving her for running you through with a knife.

But back on topic, at least McCain can sort of pull of appearing to be a non-elite "common" guy...having de Rothschild as a name pretty much tattoos a permanent target on your back with the words "creme de la elite" in the middle.

Michael J. West said...

Actually, Girl and Chez, it's Lady de Rothschild.

A name that would seem equally ridiculous calling the Rockefellers "elitists."

Ike said...

She couldn't possibly understand blue collar life, and the needs and desires of ordinary Americans.

She didn't scratch and claw her way to class consciousness like Arianna Huffington.

slouchmonkey said...

If she's the average folk, then I must be a dung beetle. Dare I say...what a cunt.

Chez said...

Ike --

Thanks for that. It had been so long since I had to dig up the term "ignoratio elenchi."

Anonymous said...

And she sits on the Bd of Estee Lauder, among other places - phony bitch

ace said...

Is that her picture? It looks like a publicity shot of Kathleen Turner from "Romancing The Stone"... "You are THE Joan Wilder?"

Steve said...

Elitist = uppity.

Brandon said...

Your Honor,

I'd like to present exhibit B: Carly Fiorina. This is yet more proof that John McCain has an inability to bring anyone on board that has a shred of common sense. Why in the world you tell the country that your guy (or gal) is unqualified to do anything? Especially when your candidate is an ego-McCainiac. If you work for McCain, you need to ready to tell the world that he's qualified to move faster than a speeding bullet and leap tall buildings with a straight face.

Freaking moron. I really hope Obama wins in Nov.

Steve said...

P.S. Love the label, Chez.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the cunt Fiorina wasnt thrown under a real bus that was dragging the rich snob cunt de Whogivesaratsass behind it.

Master Mahan said...

I don't think anyone could have predicted Carly Fiorina would display such massive incompetence - unless, of course, they were aware of her history of being unbelievably incompetent. You've really got to start vetting these women, McCain.

For the other one, I present the following quote from Wikipedia: "Sir Evelyn and his family live at Ascott House, the country estate in Buckinghamshire about 46 miles north of London."