Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Battle Plan

I'm a little rusty on #2, but please feel free to balance me out.

(The Huffington Post: "Three Things You Can Do Personally to Affect the Outcome of the Race" by Robert Creamer/9.9.08)


Pixtweak said...

Can someone please explain how the republicans have managed to use the term, "Elitist" as a four letter word to describe Democrats when Republicans a clearly the Elite group? Who has done whatever the fuck they've wanted to do for the past 8 years? Who has benefited the most from the war? Why is it that the Democrats are the ones stuck with that label?

Donal said...

In a NY Times Magazine article, conservative think-tanker David Frum identifies that Republicans are the party of the exurbs, rather than the elites. Frum claims that Democrats thrive in locales where there is an obvious discrepancy between rich elites and poor proles, and that both groups trend Democratic.

I already blogged about it on TPM, but note the money quote:


Burt D. said...

The whole tone of this article is extemely condescending and offensive.Drop your brie and wine, and pick up your beer and cheez whiz to sway the common man.The mere fact that Liberals claim to know so well what is best for the "guys in the NASCAR grandstands" (which if you really understood the common man you would know there are just as many women in the grandstands these days) is so arrogant.The funny thing is that Creamer has to write such an article to warn "Progressives" not to show their obvious disdain for the middle classes, in order to get their guy elected.Something they claim the Right is so adept at doing.I title this article, "The Common Man for Dummies". Thank you for pointing it out. I am going to have fun sending this one out to my NASCAR buddies.Don't patronize indeed.

Stephen said...

If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you HAVE to vote for John McCain. It does NOT MAKE SENSE!!!

Chez said...

Wow, Burt. You think that's condescending and insulting? Go back and read just about everything I've written over the past couple of weeks. Oh yeah, and NASCAR blows.

Narbe said...

The main problem is that Republicans have succeeded in convincing/duping most of the middle-class into thinking that they really are on their side and that the Democrats are socialists. Republicans don't honestly give a shit about nascar, especially fans, beyond their corporations advertising there to get more business. On average, people on the coasts do tend to be more progressive, mostly because there is more diversity.
It's disgusting how much these tools have perverted the meaning of being American. Chris Rock described it best: coming to this great country to actually make something happen and contribute to society is being American in it's truest form, just popping out of your mom's pussy on U.S. soil only makes you lucky.