Saturday, August 23, 2008


I have to admit that it was a pretty clever idea to reveal Barack Obama's running-mate to the press via text message; it goes a long way in demonstrating that Obama represents the future -- technological as well as political and cultural -- of this country (as opposed to John McCain, whose portable phone has a crank on it).

But just wait 'til the McCain camp begins referring to the Obama-Biden ticket as "Obiden," or "Jobama," and secretly funneling gossip to the tabloids about the couple's impending break-up.


Felis Femina said...

Jobama, I like that.

"Who are you voting for in the election?"


"Joe who?"


maxpurr9 said...

"ebony and ivory"
sorry, that's just the first thing that popped into my head...and not the paul mccartney/stevie wonder version, but the snl one with joe piscopo and eddie murphy....

schwa242 said...

Except "old" media still break the story before the text message was released. But they did need to use the internet in the process.

What was brilliant about this whole thing is that it kept the media from paying attention to John McCain handing out Werther's candies to grandkids, or whatever he's been doing these past few days. Of course, as soon as the tension is cut, McCain finds a way to screw things up again. This ad to imply that Biden wanted to be McCain's veep. When you take the quote in full context though, it was about Biden considering McCain as John Kerry's or Biden's running mate, not the other way around.



kanye said...

We'll see how happy those that signed up for the text message are after the election. That's when the campaigns start selling off their donor and volunteer lists.

"The United Colors of Benetton will be hosting an event in support Davey Lieberman, 2010 candidate for...."

Multiply that by umpteen.

Stephen said...

Jobama is one bad mamma jamma

Girl With Curious Hair said...

I <3 the title of this post.

I am a little concerned about Biden on the ticket though. Does he like arugula? Two arugula loving liberals on a ticket will sink this country and the terrorists will win.

Suzy said...

experience where there wasn't much. smartest thing they could do considering that's what mccain's been picking at.

honestly i hope mccain picks kwame kilpatrick as his running mate. then we can just flip a coin in november.

Anonymous said...

I think Ariana Huffington or Caroline Kennedy would've been good, although I like Biden well enough.

Is it just me or am I as disheartened as everyone else?

Mr. Controversy said...

You left one out: "BIDEN FTW",
or for the Hillary supporters, "BIDEN WTF?!"

Either way epic LOLZ.

And as for Biden, I think the whole "respect for McCain" thing helps. It's a safe way to win voters from the swing vote/disillusioned Republican camps.

One last note, Fox News had the most FUCKING ANNOYING coverage this morning which consisted of Neil Cavuto prattling on about "due diligence" in finding out how much the house cost, how many bathrooms/bedrooms it had, did they leave Grandma behind? I wanted to punch his bespectacled fucking face. Though it was ironic that Fox News was headquartered at a bar and grill near the'd need one to be able to cope with the fact that you work for fucking Fox News and Bill O'Reilly is going to drunkenly ask you to "do it live" whilst pointing to his crotch.

Oh yeah, I missed it here.

LOLZ VOTAR said...


Suzy said...

anonymous... i keep wondering if it's better to be super-into a candidate (zealotry like that which follows the huckabees or hillarys) or if the disillusionment with both choices we have now is how it's supposed to be. i don't know. every time i hear what the media is telling me about these two candidates i'm left with more concern than confidence. it sucks because i'd really like to feel like i believe in either one of these guys. but i don't.

does that answer your rhetorical question?

votar, can i write your name in?


Ya know, if it were not so damn important to get Obama elected, I'd almost enjoy a Votar write-in campaign in November.

kelley said...

"jobama" nearly sent my drink coursing thru the ol' nostrils... nicely done, sir.