Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thinking Outside the Inbox

The e-mail of the week, compliments of one of New York City's larger media PR firms:


Are the Olympics to blame for The Hills' recent dip in ratings?

When season 3 of the MTV hit show The Hills premiered last season it was up 40% from season 2's debut. But, according to Mediaweek, there was no such growth for the season 4 premiere that aired on Monday night.

Mediaweek reports The Hills’ debut ratings were down 9% in its key 12-to-34 demographic (2.1 million) and down 5% among total viewers (3.5 million) when compared to its one-hour season 3 debut.

Will the coming weeks without the Olympics provide a better test or are viewers over LC, Speidi and the rest of the crew?

XXXXXX’s TV specialist XXXX XXXXXX, (a.k.a. “Mr. TV”) is available to weigh-in on this topic and discuss the popularity, ratings and future of this reality-show phenom.

For more information, please contact me at



Dear Kathleen,

Sounds great! As you know from having obviously read my stuff, I'm a huge fan of those lovable kids on The Hills!


Chez : )


Simon Owens said...

I got the same pitch. 90% of PR folks are incredibly shitty at their jobs and do absolutely no prior research before copy and pasting shit and forwarding it to hundreds of bloggers.

markandpete said...

I may be trying to break into the PR world myself, but this only reaffirms my commitment to do non-profit PR.

Any PRSA member who writes this level of slop should have their membership revoked.

Sheriff Bart said...

I think ratings would skyrocket if MTV hired Angel Matos to kick LC in the face every episode.

Anonymous said...

Vapidity at its American-est.

"Like, who gives a shit about, like, these people?"

Stephen said...

When and where is this deathmatch happening??????

Anonymous said...

you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Still more viewers than watch any of the crap on CNN!

Mr. Controversy said...

This is just like the time MTV solicited models for a new reality show through Pajiba. Once again, a perfect case of knowing one's target audience. It's like pitching an HDTV to Helen Keller.

Anonymous said...

Having worked in PR before, I feel for the underpaid, overworked schmuck who had to write and pitch this story. Yes, they would much rather be doing different work, but this is how you break in, and this is how you pay the bills for your first few years in the business.

The most humiliating part is having to go out and pitch the story afterwards, and reporting back to your boss that absolutely no fish were biting. They give you that disapproving look, as if somehow you could wave a magic wand and make the story less of a dog. (Of course, they had already promised the client all kinds of media pick up.) Of course, you celebrate joyously the day you have a story to pitch that doesn't completely suck, like a stray dog that has found some awesome leftovers in a trash bin. Trust me, it's brutal.

schwa242 said...

People at work talk about this show all the time. I have never seen it, let alone an ad for it, and still don't know what it is exactly, except that I think rich spoiled people are involved. Life is good.

Mr. Controversy said...

Oh, almost forgot, you know it's bad when a state sponsored Reality Show ("The 'Great and Glorious Republic of China's Fun Time O' Rama", aka the Bejing Olympics) beats out another show that's a little less transparent about how fake it is. At least China admitted they were faking it...well, except for that thing about the passports and the gymnasts. YOU STILL OWE ME $15,000, JINTAO!! WE HAD A FUCKING DEAL!

b80vin said...

If it weren't for "The Soup" I'd have no idea this show existed. But judging from the references to it that keep cropping up it seems a mountain is being made of a The Hills. As for feeling sorry for people who have to do the job they have chosen, color me apathetic.