Friday, August 22, 2008

Shoot First, Raise Your Hand and Ask Questions Later

Students, welcome to Tombstone Arizona State, home of the Fighting .45's -- where you sure as hell won't find Basic Logic anywhere in the curriculum.

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Aaron X said...

Hey, if the teachers can carry guns, I think students should be appropriately armed as well. After all if you find yourself in a heated debate with your college professor, you certainly don't want to find yourself at a distinct firepower disadvantage, should the argument not go your way and you feel the need to escalate the your concerns into a wider confrontation. It should bring a whole new level of care and courtesy to those student-teacher consultations.

Texas teachers to carry guns in classrooms

Texas Teachers Can Carry Guns

Texas governor: I'm OK with gun-toting teachers

Anonymous said...

This could actually be a good test case scenario. The reality is that neither side of the gun debate issue can really point to anything that definitively proves their case one way or the other. There are statistics, sure, but they get misinterpreted, challenged, ignored, and selectively shown very easily.

If students were allowed to have guns on campus, and suddenly there were, say, three gun-related incidents before the year is out, gun control advocates would have a definitive scenario to justify their arguments. On the other hand, if there were only one gun-related incident in a three-year span, the gun advocates could say the same.

Of course, this all risks life and limb, which nobody seriously wants. The problem is that you can only hold an argument like this for so long. Sooner or later you need to point to something and say "See?"

Anonymous said...

I feel that as long as any person who wants to carry a gun takes an appropriate gun safety class (Showing how to use all types of commonly available firearms SAFELY), then why not?

If the person uses the firearm inappropriately after being properly educated, then they should reap the consequences through due process of law.

It's amazing that gun control is such a big issue when it's really not a big deal at all.

To be fair, I come from the perspective of someone who's had plenty of gun education. I know what a bullet does to a human/animal both going in, passing through, and coming out. I've also known people who were shot on purpose and accidentally.

A gun is only a tool, just like a hammer or a screwdriver. Any of those can be used for murder, but any of them can also be used for a variety of lawful purposes.

JR said...

Including justifiable homicide against murderers, if the presentation of the weapon and perhaps added verbal commands aren't enough to make the murderer cease violent action.