Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quote of the Week (Runner-Up)

"She's a partner and a soul mate."

-- John McCain, talking about Sarah Palin


See You Next Tuesday said...

What an idiot. He's met her once.

You know what two adjectives he really means?


Chez said...

Just remember: Bush looked into Putins eyes and saw his good soul the very first time he met him.

And we all know how well that turned out.

Anonymous said...

and mcain saw K G B

See You Next Tuesday said...

Oh good gawd.........Bush said that?!?!

I know, I know, but really and truly sometimes I'm still shocked my stupidity.

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Yes, but is she an heiress?

Withnail said...

hey - Chez -

you're a journalist - or something like that - do you have any idea if there's truth to the rumor that Palin's fifth kid is actually her daughter's?

votar said...

I make you all this prediction:

That librarian stripper hair-do is going to be this season's "The Rachel."

Mark my words.

And of course, there's THIS

Chez said...

Withnail --

It's a fun theory and admittedly the events surrounding the kid's birth sound very suspicious at first glance, but until it's more than a conspiracist rant over at Daily Kos -- in other words, show me proof -- I'm not lending it much credence.

Alex said...

I love the labels on this one.

Mike said...

OK, now I [i]have to[/i] ask: is McCain taping that? Those are pretty intimate terms to describe one's VP nominee. The juxtaposition with the picture is great, but needs one more for completion:

Anonymous said...

Maybe the ole guy saw this before he claimed her as his soulmate

Luke Weiss said...

did you see the "under god" comments she made while running for governor? Priceless.

Mr. Controversy said...

"She's a partner and a soul mate."

-- John McCain, talking about Sarah Palin

"No...she's unqualified to lead, and so are you. Slather on some Ben Gay like the old geezer you are, you old prick."

-- Mr. Controversy, talking about the Republican Circus's Ticket