Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain and Unable II: The Reckoning

Like everyone else with a brain, my friend and fellow ex-CNNer Jacki Schechner is curious (read: shocked) as to why John McCain decided to go with the "naughty librarian" over all the other potential VP candidates he had available to him -- you know, the ones with actual qualifications.

Her take on the whole thing is pretty damn good. She likens Palin not to Dan Quayle but to Harriet Miers. (And proving that great minds think alike -- or at the very least, sick minds -- she went with the same title as my initial piece.)

(Where Was I?: Palin Comparison/8.30.08)

Meanwhile, for an entirely offensive and juvenile perspective, see Votar's post (and if you laugh at it, you're going to hell -- where I'll be your landlord).

(Update, 5:21pm It's a trap!: A very astute theory on why Sarah Palin is more dangerous than she looks -- compliments of Leighton Woodhouse, contributor to the Huffington Post: The Huffington Post: "The Palin Trap" by Leighton Woodhouse/8.31.08.)


Tabes said...

Huh. Harriet Miers was also my first thought.

Anonymous said...

Voltar's post- so funny! I love the biting satire you guys write.I wish I could come up with great stuff like you guys.
McCain is a retard, ha,ha,ha. What grade school do you walk past to get your ideas? What next, he has poopy pants?

Chez said...

I know you are but what am I?

Kurgan said...


I heard Andrea Mitchell on Meet the Press actually say "…young and uneducated Hillary followers may vote for Palin", or words to that effect.

Beyond how condescension makes for bad karma, the Census Bureau tells me that there are a lot more uneducated voters than there are educated voters.

ALOT more.

There is reason to be afraid.

Aaron X said...

Don't believe anything Andrea Mitchell says, she is bought and paid for by the Republican Party and the corporate swine who want to steal the Republic from its people.

Mr. Controversy said...

So, are the penthouses still open in Hell? I've been trying to secure one the past couple of years, but there's only so many times you can use the word "abortion" in an episode of Muppet Babies.

nswfm said...

I followed the link about leering at her while she was giving her intro speech. What in the hell is McCain doing with his wedding ring on that intro meeting when he's checking out her rear? I think you should look that up in body language.