Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Apparently there is a God and he's got a hell of a sense of humor.

A couple of weeks ago, fundamentalist Christian asshole James Dobson and his group, Focus on the Family, lead an effort encouraging people to pray for Barack Obama's DNC acceptance speech to be rained out.

Instead, the skies were crystal clear last Thursday night in Denver.

Tomorrow marks the scheduled start of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

And look what's expected to slam into the Gulf Coast in 24 hours, possibly disrupting or even postponing the whole damn thing.

(Before the hate mail starts pouring in, no you jerk, of course I'm not insinuating that Gustav is a good thing -- merely pointing out the irony. Of course the argument could be made that I spoke too soon anyway, since Gustav is providing the perfect cover for Bush and Cheney to make the announcement that they're skipping the RNC altogether -- should it happen as scheduled -- which can only benefit McCain.)


Ben Fleming said...

Haha, and I just finished reading Michael Moore's Open Letter to God that he sent out this morning.

The irony. Take THAT, James Dobson! Prick.

Anonymous said...

right on! i've been using the same story all weekend!

on the down side: now bush and cheney are not going to show up to make asses of themselve in StPaul

hyperthought said...

Ha ha...I had the same thought!

b80vin said...

Olberman mentioned this irony on air on the last night of the DNC.

But I don't think talking about it elevates the discussion.

b80vin said...

Moments after posting my last post I got an alert that confirmed Bush and Cheney were not attending the RNC.

That surprised me because I thought Cheney had died a few years ago. I guess that was only on the inside.

Aaron X said...

Hurricane Gustav is proof positive that God hates Republicans. :-)

It's going to miss New Orleans and everything else on its way up to Minneapolis where it will smite the GOP convention for the heretical idol worshiping money changers that they are. The walls of Xcel Energy Center are going to come tumbling down like Jericho. :-)

Mr. Controversy said...

2005: Katrina hits, Republicans act too late, reputations are soiled.

2008: Gustav hits, Republicans act too early, reputations are soiled.

Ain't history grand?

minador said...

That wasn't James Dobson who said that...