Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's a Shame About Ray

You've gotta love Ray Nagin; he really is the voice of calm and reason for New Orleans.

Within the past 24 hours, he's called Hurricane Gustav "the mother of all storms," "the storm of the century" (pretty dubious considering that Katrina wiped half of his city off the map only three years ago), and told residents, "you need to be scared."

While media outlets everywhere are no doubt loving Nagin for doing their jobs for them by throwing out one hyperbolically alarmist soundbite after another, is it really good for New Orleans that he's acting more like a mad street prophet -- albeit, one on Quaaludes -- than an assured leader?

Yes, the situation is very serious, and that needs to be made clear to everyone in the path of this storm. Gustav is nothing to screw around with and ordering mandatory evacuations was the right thing to do, to say the least. But I'm not sure Nagin's usual idiotic bluster and over-the-top language -- the kind that incites panic rather than encouraging cool heads -- are what's needed at a time like this.

Then again, maybe I'm making the mistake of basing my opinion on the assumption that New Orleans is like most other cities and not completely fucking crazy.


Anonymous said...

New Orleans IS crazy. That kind of language is what is required to convince people to leave. Nagin probably regrets not doing the same the first time 'round. //c

votar said...

Rick Sanchez was a hoot last night.

Not only did he report on chaos and confusion among the evacuees that in fact did not exist, and not only did he urge people to flee in the wrong direction (Jackie Jaris had to correct him that going east, into the "dirty" side of the storm, would be bad), and not only did he gleefully seize the chance to describe the THOWWWWWWWWWWsands and THOWWWWWWWWWWsands of people who will be affected by the storm, he couldn't stop repeating Nagin's admonition to "get your butts out of New Orleans."

If he had waddled over to take a squat on a giant map of the Ninth Ward, I would've had a stroke.

Aaron X said...

Hey, I can do a category 3 in my sleep, okay well I might wake up, but I surely wouldn't sweat it if I was in a secure building.

As of 10:04 p.m. Central Time, it's got 115 mph sustained winds, they're predicting a slight increase, but it should start to weaken now that it's getting to shallow water. The best thing is that it doesn't have a well defined eye. Let's hope it stays relatively disorganized.

Aaron X said...

I've been a C. Ray Nagin fan ever since he had the guts to go on the radio and make that plea which got replayed on CNN and everywhere else. That was the kick in the ass that the federal and state governments needed to get their shit in gear.

I applaud Nagin for doing what elected representatives are paid to do, stand up for the people they represent. Amazing how few of our representatives do that these days. Nagin took a great political risk when he blasted everyone, but I don't think Ray was thinking about that, because he was a man besieged at that moment.

Interview with Mayor Ray Nagin

Mr. Controversy said...

Chez, you have to remember that they have black magic, vampires, and a carnival that celebrates the coming of 30 sin free days with one sin soaked night in New Orleans, so naturally they're going to be a little nutty.

And as for Nagin, any man who thinks a "Chocolate City" could survive in the heat of the bayou is not only wrong, but epically fails at Science.