Friday, August 29, 2008

I For One Welcome Our New Amphibious Overlord

I hope CNN does something with this story so I can get one of those new t-shirts with this headline on it:

( Museum Defies Pope Over Crucified Frog/8.28.08)


Mr. Controversy said...

Psht! We all know that the only threat to the Vatican is the resurrection of Raptor Jesus. Even the Flying Spaghetti Monster knows to back off when his time comes.

Deacon Blue said...

When I see in stories like these just how much daily life in Italy is affected by the Vatican, it realize that it's not so far-fetched that I'm writing a sci-fi novel in which the Vatican pretty much runs a third of the world. Maybe I'm a prophet... :-P

In any case, I now need to find some topic, any topic, to write about on my blog for which I could somehow justify using this photo.

b80vin said...

I'm not historian, but as I understand it, Jeebus wasn't the only person ever to be crucified. What? Catholics own the trademark on crucifixion now?

All the participants in the gladiator/slave revolt in first century Rome were crucified. Which is why I caption the work:


Deacon Blue said...

b80vin...your point is right on target. Same thing I said in my blog today. (I'm glad you had some newer posts since this one today, Chez...otherwise I would have felt bad about co-opting the same pic you used. But he's so damn cute I couldn't resist).