Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Conventional Wisdom (Or Lack Thereof)

A bit of shameless self-promotion: I'll once again be doing a guest spot on Sirius Radio's Indie Talk, Channel 110, this afternoon beginning at 5:00pm ET.

I'll be talking with "Blog Bunker" host Joe Salzone about the giant mass media circle jerk more commonly known as the Democratic National Convention, and the role that new platform journalism is playing in the coverage. (For the record, don't expect me to even say the word "Twitter" without giggling; can we please just once come up with a slightly masculine sounding name for one of these social networking fads?)

Remember that if you're not a Sirius subscriber, you can get a free pass and listen online at Sirius.com.


C.L.J. said...

Is "diddle" masculine enough? C'mon, don't you want to say that the news of the nomination was "diddled?" You know you do.

Angela Lucier said...

For anybody who missed it, I uploaded the whole thing here :)

Chez said...

You uploaded it to 404 File Not Found? Cool. I love that site. : )

Angela Lucier said...

Oh. Damn. Somewhere along the line the "o" in .com went missing from the URL.

Once again, you can listen to the whole radio thing here: