Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Which one kills the bus driver?


Nika said...

What do you make of Christian Bale's arrest? I'm thinking innocent until proven guilty.

Chez said...

Bale's basically insane. Jesus, look what the guy did to himself in The Machinist and, even stranger (if that's possible), listen to the way he sounds during press interviews for the new movie. His accent's about 20% Cockney and 80% Bronx. He's nutcase method actor all the way, so who the hell knows what really happened.

Maybe he's gearing up for a role where he plays a family annihilator -- or he's trying to do ARG pre-publicity for Terminator Salvation, since the John Connor character has a problem with his mother.

Anonymous said...

I think American Psycho represents a piece of Christian Bale's psyche.

Well, perhaps other than his musical views.

("...but in 1983 when they released Sports...Hey Paul!")

I think it may all be a publicity stunt. Maybe. That or now he thinks he's Wayne Brady. (Then again we don't know if Bale tried to choke them or not)

Brad said...

Astute. Scary yet astute. I also heard Bale being interviewed the other day and thought he sounded more like Bruce Wayne than a Brit.

Nika said...

According to him, he keeps the accent of his latest character for press junkets so people don't get confused. In any case, he looked completely pissed off at the UK premiere (his wife was all smiles, though). Whatever happened with his family was obviously weighing on his mind. I don't deny that he's way too intense than is normal, or even healthy, but I just don't see him resorting to violence.

Alex said...

I know how much you'll love this source, but according to TMZ it was VERBAL abuse.


That counts as a crime in some countries?

Chez said...

Hey, they may cover celebrity nonsense, but TMZ gets things right most of the time.

kanye said...

Sweet Jesus, Andy Dick could almost pass for De Niro in that pic.

Sheriff Bart said...

Verbal abuse is apparently a crime in the UK. He was released with no charges filed. Which is just boring.

Now. If he got arrested with a pocket full of weed and Xanax after molesting a waitress and pissing in a restaurant parking lot, that would be awesome.

Oh... wait.