Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Operation Rabbit (1952)

If you miss seeing Warner Brothers cartoons on network television, this seven minutes probably perfectly sums up why. From 1952, here's the Chuck Jones classic that pits Bugs Bunny against the "supergenius" of Wile E. Coyote: Operation Rabbit.


Anonymous said...

thanks, man. i'm choking on work to do and you post this, which will invariably lead to the watching of more via "related videos". appreciate that.

(what? what's everyone looking at? hey, this is america, man... i am totally within my rights to blame you for my own lack of restraint.)

Mr. Controversy said...

Awesome cartoon, you continue to do today's youth a vital public service by posting them.

Also, after watching this I'm sensing a McCain/Coyote ticket this November. said...

I'd still rather let my toddler watch this than those effin' Doodlebops.

Anonymous said...

Great memories. I am fifty now, but back in the day I would get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to watch Tarzan, Stooges and hours of these cartoons. Tried this with my kids, but after Pee Wee Herman got caught playing with himself, there was no reason to watch.

At least now we know where the Pentagon got the idea for the Predator Drone - just like the Coyotes flying saucer. Truely Wiley was a genius ahead of his time.

denesteak said...

Oh i love this! i used to also really like the elmer fudd's don giovanni, that was awesome.