Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Listening Post

It's the first new single from The Verve in eleven years.

Here's Love is Noise.


Daniel said...

aaargh. No, please, no. Just do a Northern Soul repackage or something. i have had the good fortune of seeing the Verve 3 times- once at a homeless benefit when they were at the height of their powers during their first comeback, and again a few months later at a festival, where they did much the same set, but were clearly burned out and hating one another. Again. The last time was in the historic Blackpool Empress, and they did not disappoint.

What does disappoint, however, is following the 'triumphant' re-return with this single, with the Chipmunks doing the chorus, and a horrifically over-produced album to further sully some of my fondest memories.

That's it, from now on Im only listening to German Schlager music and the soundrack from The Harder They Come.

Fifth Generation Leftist said...

Yeah the chorus sounded like the soundtrack of my weirder nightmares.

Daniel said...

OK, first up I have to apologise. I had just trashed a post on this horrible event, then I went straight to this and, I don't know- endorphin release, Hulk-style rage boiling over- something just.. snapped.
As a long-term Verve fan, I wish them every success. But I also wish they'd held resisted the urge to put out an album. Or at least, this album. It turns what might have been into something that should never have happened.