Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hack Journalism: The Reckoning

Normally, if I told you that a highly-paid local news anchor in a top-20 market had just been charged with a felony by federal prosecutors, who accuse him of illegally accessing the protected personal computer of a co-worker, it might shock you.

When I tell you that the anchor is Larry Mendte, and that his co-worker is Alycia Lane -- it's just Tuesday.

(CNN.com: Fired TV Anchor Charged with E-mail Snooping/7.21.08)


Harris said...

Since the beginning of the year, KYW has replaced both anchors, gotten sued, seen one anchor charged with a felony and gone through layoffs. I know a guy who's fairly high up in the newsroom at that station. Whenever he talks about work, he gets a thousand-yard stare and begins trembling violently.

the doctor said...

I am sure this is likely the least offensive thing he did.

I bet he also sniffed her anchor chair after she left the set following a long newscast under the hot lights.

In the days of Ron Burgundy this would have been totally acceptable.