Saturday, June 07, 2008

You Couldn't Script It Better

A couple of weeks back, I briefly mentioned that the copy editors I last worked with on CNN's American Morning were hilariously incompetent; I believe "as sharp as a pillowcase full of wet toilet paper" were my exact words (Conscience Doth Make Crusaders/5.27.08).

Well, I've just been informed that one of them was fired a couple of days ago.

This makes the second time in recent memory -- third if you count Barb Simon, whom I never mentioned by name but who was a large part of the management team I heavily criticized -- that I've pointed out the failings of a CNN employee on this site, only to have him or her fired soon after. The first time, you may remember, was when I railed against the guy who sacked me, Ed Litvak, and saw him shown the door two weeks later (How To Lose a Job in 13 Days?/2.25.08).

Either somebody over there is listening, or the dismissals simply prove what I've been saying for some time about what's wrong with the show.

I seriously doubt that it's the former, but just in case: The real problem at CNN is that Jon Klein is still in charge and I don't have controlling interest in the company and a penthouse atop the Time Warner Center.

Oh, and an Audi R8 -- CNN needs to give me one of those too.


Anonymous said...

They have cleaned up the AC360 blog as well after my comment was posted here.

So if CNN is doling out stuff for people that they have wronged, I would like the following:

The rest of the shares that Chez doesn't control.

A townhouse in the "fabulous" part of Manhattan.

Endless reams of money at my disposal since as reported by Greta Van Sustren on TVNewser that Jon Klein feels it's not his money he doesn't care how its spent.

Jon Klein fired and has to make a public apology for ALL the wrong he's done. He should spend at least a couple years in jail but don't worry about him Chez, I think him dropping the soap in the shower will only make him happy as he's clearly a gay man.

A car as well but I'm not picky, a Ferrari or a Jaguar will do any kind as long as it's next years model and a garage in NY to store it in.

Being on Jon Klein's hit/hate list isn't fun but I count myself lucky to be in such great company as those respected professional class acts who also find themselves on that list through no fault of their own. He's a petty man with a tiny little dick.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold back, you should be safe here.


ian in hamburg said...

I guess you worked out of the States, but were you watching while a woman named Susan Chang was anchoring out of CNN London for a few weeks sometime between July and October, 1997?

Your wet pillow could cut diamonds compared to that one.

Anonymous said...

Funny that a post about incompetent copy editors has a typo in it.

If you could Barb Simon....

Chez said...

Hey, I never said I was a good copy editor.

But yeah, that's damn funny. Thanks for the catch.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I went to high school with her. She tried to copy off of me on assignments...
Also after years of being the grade representative, she lost student council president to an upstart who never ran before.
Also years later in university, after not seeing her for several years, she asked me to babysit a table of purses for her friends while she ran an errand. Ahhh, memories....Lol