Thursday, June 05, 2008

Surrender, Hillary

I wanted to write something about Hillary Clinton's destructive, delusional narcissism in respect to her unwillingness to graciously step aside in the wake of the big Obama win the other night. (Like a child demanding attention, she was perfectly content to pace back and forth stomping her feet, and would've remained that way had her own Congressional supporters not forced her hand in the strongest possible terms.)

But Bob Cesca, one of the Huffington Post's best and most prolific contributors, put it all out there a hell of a lot better than I or anyone else probably could've.

(The Huffington Post: "Even in Defeat, It's All About Her" by Bob Cesca/6.4.08)


Girl With Curious Hair said...

Even when I liked Hillary, 'gracious' was not a quality that came to mind regarding her attitude. Ever.

Mr. Controversy said...

"Like a child demanding attention, she was perfectly content to pace back and forth stomping her feet, and would've remained that way had her own Congressional supporters not forced her hand in the strongest possible terms."

I read this comment, and I thought of this.

Anonymous said...

Give her a break!!!!

Imagine gearing up for something your whole life (like, a book deal, for example)...and the people (or in your case, publishers) telling you game over.
Wouldn't it take you a while to recover from the dissappointment??

You got your guy as the nominee. Be as gracious as he is being.
For once.


Chez said...

Susan --


Congrats on grabbing the gold in the "Missing the Point" olympics.

Asking for indulgence while she takes some time to recover? What is she, a fucking seven year old?

True, Hillary Clinton accomplished something undeniably historic -- but as Cesca states perfectly, it is not always about her. Certainly not right now.

Saying something as idiotic as "What does Hillary want?" on the night that her opponent became the presumptive nominee is just ridiculous. There's no point in rehashing Clinton's anything-at-all-costs attitude when it comes to getting what she thinks she's entitled to, but at this moment -- the second the nomination was secured -- if the victor doesn't get 110% support, we're going to wind up with another four years of backward Republican rule.

Honestly, I don't give a damn what Hillary wants -- or what Obama wants for that matter. I care about what's good for the country.

Ally said...

Everything you wrote is right on, Chez. This see-you-next-Tuesday is about as clueless and self-absorbed as they come.

And Susan, it doesn't matter how long she's been grooming herself to be Empress of the World, she's not going to get it, not now anyway. Any functioning adult with a frontal lobe should know when to graciously back away.

Chez said...

One more time for the cheap seats:

THIS NEVER SHOULD'VE BEEN ABOUT HER -- particularly not on Tuesday night.

VOTAR said...

Wanting what's good for the country now has to include a very serious consideration of what to do with the 17 million votes she carries around in her pants suit pocket. She knows this, she knows Obama knows this, and she knows her audience knows this.

When she says something like "what does Hillary want?" she's not quite rhetorically stomping her feet. It's not entirely about her, it's also very much about them.

That moment was the equivalent of Cyrus reminding the gathered gang ambassadors just how much they outnumber the police.

"Can.. you.. dig.. it?"

Chez said...

I wouldn't go so far as to assume that her comments were the equivalent of saying, "I know you're all wondering how this is going to affect me, Al Franken."

But the minute the line was crossed, she needed to start telling her supporters to get behind Obama, and the reason she didn't had nothing at all to do with wanting to take a step back and give the situation some good, hard thought. She already had. By not capitulating and endorsing Obama immediately, she was ostensibly holding her votes hostage in an effort to bargain for a place on the ticket.

It's never about anyone or anything but HIllary's desire to get back in the White House.

Stephen said...

How many voters does she carry in each cankle?

VOTAR said...


I love Italian. And so do you.


Deacon Blue said...


Just to make sure I have this straight...

We're supposed to admire Hillary Clinton for her courage and her ability to stand toe to toe with the old boys club...for her ability to not be a fainting flower of a woman...

...and then we're supposed to give her the better part of a week to huff and puff and be emotional and petty before she grudingly admits defeat.

So now we have to honor her feminine side, whereas if we called her a "bitch" right about now, we'd be demeaning her through gender.

Have I got that right?

Anonymous said...

Chez, I love your blog and I knew you'd have something to say about this. It occurred to me though that derailing the Obama campaign even after defeat is in the best interests of Chillary.

If Obama loses because Hillary purposely fails to unite the party, we have 4 more years of horrible executive decisions ahead and she'd have an even better shot in the next race taking a stance against the GOP. She's not all about the democratic party - she's about Hillary knowing what's best even when the people of this country tell her otherwise.

Ally said...

"Whatever, College Boy..."

You know, from "The Waterboy"???...Oh come on...that was tight!

(Ok, so tv sucks when you're stuck in a chair all day. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel. Work with me here.)

Btw - Obama was predicted in the Book of Revelations.....

....let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

why hate her? she is done and will be gone. Be polite, 18 m voted for her too. Stop this hate politics. America is no better than 3rd world demcoracies. In fact they are better.

Just grow up and respect that she is woman

Chez said...

I don't hate her -- I dislike the way she's conducted herself. And, as has already been pointed out, I'm supposed to now not respect her but (let's be honest here) cut her slack because she's a woman? Way to play the victim card at the appropriate time.

Now then, why the hell am I bothering to respond to someone as comically clueless as you again?

Samantha said...

Susan's comment reminds me of something a co-worker said to me this morning:

"I wish she'd won. She tried so hard, she really deserved it."

...As if Hillary was five, and this was all just a game of checkers the country should have let her win.

Whatever. Treating her like a delicate wisp of insecurity and shattered dreams is just as sexist as calling her a bitch or saying that a woman has no place in government. She's a big girl; she'll survive.

dick_gozinia said...

Her holdout ploy is clearly just a maneuver to keep herself in the spotlight and to hold her chunk of the Democratic Party hostage in return for a VP nod.

That being said, lets talk conspiracy theory here for a minute...

Does Hillary really want to be VP? No. She wants the presidency and there's no quicker way to the presidency that being the VP of a president who gets assassinated. Its clearly already in her head, as she's mentioned RFK's murder while talking about Obama. All her actions suggest she does not like Obama, wants nothing to do with him professionally, and just needs the spotlight unblinkingly on her. I'm not saying that she's planning a hit. I'm saying that she believes his assassination is a distinct possibility and she'd love to play the grieving friend and then be "begrudgingly" accept taking over in his place. Its all strategy when you're last name is Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Wow, dick. I thought I was fucking cynical.

No matter how little I think of her actions, the way she has run her campaign, and her win-at-all-costs mentality, I could not agree less with your prediction.

Maybe I'm naive. I prefer to think I'm a realist.

But then again, we did re-elect a half-wit war criminal...clearly nothing is impossible.

Anyway, this "Me me me" bent she is indulging in kinda goes against that theory. If she wanted that to happen, she would have been doing the sickenly-sweet pandering to the Obama camp weeks ago; one, to unify her identity with his, and two, the better to play the grieving friend to someone she had actually been friendly to.

Anonymous said...

Ah Chez, I miss the Al Franken decade!