Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Sacrilege

This fall, Bill Maher and Borat director Larry Charles will release a full-length documentary called Religulous, exploring the laughably twisted and dangerously batshit world of the deeply faithful.

In preparation for the film, a website has been set up dedicated to making fun of just about every kind of faith-based religion. Its slogan: "You won't believe what people will believe."

Check it out before a fatwa is declared against Maher, mass rioting begins in Nigeria, or the rapture happens -- whichever comes first.



b80vin said...

I'm waiting for the "Maher is a smarmy asshole because he once said something I disagree with..." remark. There should be a law that anytime Maher is mentioned one of those remarks will be posted. His "New Rules" on breast feeding in public alienated millions. Olberman's and Maher are one in the same. I'm not a big fan of Olberman's obsessions and I disagree with Maher's stance on pharmaceutical drugs and libertarianism, but both provide compelling voices and venues. And I enjoy them.

Sheriff Bart said...

Jesus Christ... Anyone but Mahr. Say what you want about the guy, but every time I see that smarmy, way-too-full-of-himself, way-less-funny-than-he-thinks-he-is mug I want to smash it in with a fucking tire iron.
The guy just has a punchable face. Especially when it's smiling.
Even that Mahr on Toast graphic makes me want to do violence.

How am I doing, b80vin?

Seriously though.

Fuck Bill Mahr

Deacon Blue said...

I used to have a love-hate thing with Bill Maher, but it's gone closer and closer to the hate side...not so much because he says some (OK, many) things I disagree with, but the vehemence with which I've seen him strike out at groups and beliefs he doesn't hold dear. George Carlin can go off on a rant like the one Chez posted here:

...and I think it's funny as hell even though it lambasts beliefs that I hold dear. But when Bill Maher attacks a similar (or same) topic, even with jokes, he seems to just be mean-spiritedly telling folks "You're a bunch of delusional idiots that should never breed or share your thoughts with anyone else and you are less to me than dogshit on the soles of my shoes."

So, while I think Maher has some insights and I think he has a sharp and burning wit, he also seems to be filled with more desire to rip people down than to actually spur some kind of understanding.

I see him as a funnier version of Bill O'Reilly, frankly. But you know, I've judged people wrong before, and maybe I DO just dislike Maher because he says things with which I disagree. I just think he's gotten full of himself more and more with every passing year and thinks he's more important and more relevant than he really is, even more so that folks like Al Franken and Ben Stein...who suffer from similar tendencies.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I notice this website includes a rather scathing (and insightful) review of M. Night's latest film. Coincidence, Chez?

b80vin said...

Well done Sheriff (and Deacon). I agree that Maher is smarmy and full of himself. It's pretty much his shtick. And if that's your complaint I accept that. What I find silly is the one topic, or one statement dismissal. I think the Bill O'Reilly comparison is right on to a degree. But I enjoy the forum and I share his extreme anger on many topics, so I guess I'm forgiving of the fact that's he's an asshole.