Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons

From 1950, Hanna/Barbera's Tom and Jerry classic, Texas Tom.


Anonymous said...

Can you do me a favor Chez? I need to explain to a bunch of dullards who frequently make up their own truths and alter reality to suit themselves, what exactly is the heirarchy in TV news. Could you explain how it works? Who's in charge and the fact that just because someone's name is on the show, they don't run the channel or pick the stories or reporters who work there. Make sure it's in simple terms cause they're really stupid.


Deacon Blue said...'re not suggesting, for example, that on "Anderson Cooper 360", just to name one example, Cooper might actually have to do a 180 b/c his bosses say so?


That might not be simple enough for your friends though...or maybe TOO simple.

I'll let Chez explain the dynamics of TV news, though, if he has time...because I'm a print journalist and though there are similarities, I wouldn't want to presume that the two beasts are all that comparable.

Dan Carlson said...

Wow. Just the other day I was thinking about Tom singing, "If you're ever down in Texas, look me up."

I have fond memories of every cartoon you've posted.

Anonymous said...

Great cartoon as always. About ten years ago they were still showing ones like this on TV when I was a teenybopper. Where did they go wrong?

You kind of have to wonder why Jerry is attracted to the female cat considering the other cat is hell bent on torturing him. =)