Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Country for Old Men

Just how badly outgunned is John McCain in this presidential race?

Read on:

(Salon.com: "Election 2008: Declare a Forfeit" by Gary Kamiya/6.17.08)

(The Huffington Post: "John McCain's Flashback Campaign" by Arianna Huffington/6.16.08)


Mike said...

Just like Hillary Clinton was inevitably going to be the democratic nominee, right?

There's only one thing that bothers me more than John McCain winning in November, and it's us getting overconfident and assuming that Barack Obama is going to win, and then getting blindsided by something, costing us the election.

Anonymous said...

Jebus! When I first saw that image, I swear I thought it was from Night of the Living Dead.

Rigor mortis face!

Robo said...

Oh dear go NO...

Learn how to read Bush Light!!

Deacon Blue said...

As awarm and tingly as both articles made me, I have forced myself to remember that both come from a left-leaning direction and so are inclined to be mor upbeat about Obama's chances. So, I'm totally with Mike on this one.

I don't trust poll numbers to mean anything for longer than a few hours after the poll is conducted. Next week it might be 60% thinking McCain will take it, 30% thinking Obama will...and 10% thinking Obama will die and Hillary will run away with the title.

A lot of people (Democrats among them) are not entirely comfortable with a black man in the Oval Office, and I think we're in for a closer battle than many might think...no matter how old, how out of touch or how same-ole, same-ole McCain is.

Anonymous said...

Popeye the Sailor Man - he is NOT!